Important dates 

Upcoming events  

Mon 12/2Governing Council Meeting 7pm
Tue 13/2*Acquaintance Night & Welcome BBQ
Wed 21/2Harmony Day
Thur 29/2Courier Cup Swimming
Thur 7/3*Alex's Tuck Shop
Fri 8/3Pupil Free Day
Mon 11/3Adelaide Cup Public Holiday
Wed 13/3Parents and Friends Meeting 7pm
Mon 18/3Governing Council Meeting 7pm
Mon 25/3Pupil Free Day
Thur 28/3Sports Day
Fri 29/3Good Friday Public Holiday
Mon 1/4Easter Monday Public Holiday
Fri 5/4*Sallie's Tuck Shop
Thur 11/4*Colour Run
Fri 12/4Last Day of Term 1 - Early Dismissal 2:10pm

*Please note for your budget planning, these items have a cost for families involved. 

 Pupil Free/ School Closure Days 
Fri 8/3Pupil Free Day                                                                         
Mon 25/3Pupil Free Day
Fri 10/5Pupil Free Day
Mon 22/7Pupil Free Day
Mon 4/11School Closure Day