School News 

Uniform Ordering

Did you know our school uniforms can now be ordered through Flexi Schools?? 

We have the whole range available for you to order through the Flexi schools app. Place your order online and we will get the order packaged and delivered to your child.


Alternatively, please come into the front office on a Monday or Friday for a viewing/fitting or to purchase.


A note from Kirrily 

Can't believe term 1 is already coming to an end! It's been so jam packed with fun, hard to believe swimming week was only 8 weeks ago! 

I wanted to let everyone know about The Hutt Community Centre in Aldgate and the ways they can support anyone in need and the ways they have already supported us and our families. The Hutt community Centre offers a range of services. Some I think could be especially helpful are the homework clubs, food pantry, dance/fitness classes, financial wellbeing support, computer training, the Book Shed, plus so many additional activities throughout the week for individuals or families. There are also many ways you can volunteer if you're looking at getting involved. We want to thank them for the financial assistance they have given us to assist some families in our school, it has been a load off for many!  

Please access their website for more information or contact me!


I hope you all have an amazing last week to the term and school holiday period!


School drop-offs and pick-ups


It’s great to see lots of people using the road with care with the growing school and kindy community.


Please be careful entering from Swamp Road, only enter on the left-hand side of the ticket entry box, and travel in an anticlockwise direction around the oval.


In the next few weeks, temporary bollards will be put in place on the right hand side at school drop off time as a reminder. 


Please also remember that access to the school and kindergarten for drop off and pick up is one way from Swamp Rd, with exit onto Greenhill Rd or continuing anticlockwise and exiting again onto Swamp Rd


Please don’t access the school or kindy from Greenhill Rd.


It is much safer for everyone to have traffic flowing one way, so while we know it might be inconvenient for some families, it’s important to the community. 


We are also pleased to advise we are also working with the Council and the Department on an upgrade of the road, so hopefully it won’t be so bumpy for much longer. 

OSHC Vac Care Program 

Free Books! 

Our little Street Libraries are overflowing with donations, and we'd love you to come and choose a book to take home! There are 2 libraries at the entrance to the school; one for kids and one for adults. Come and find a treasure or two to take home for free! 










Sunshine ice blocks

Have you tried the new ice blocks being sold at the Willow Cafe on Fridays after assembly? They are locally made, all-natural, environmentally friendly and most importantly, delicious! Sunshine Ice Blocks | Sunshine Ice Blocks

Bulb Fundraiser 

Support Uraidla Primary School and beautify your garden at the same time.


Uraidla Primary School is kicking off fundraising for 2024 through the sale of beautiful bulbs.  Get your orders in before April 11th by following these three easy steps: 

  1. Go to the Uraidla Fundraising Page
  2. Select your bulbs and proceed to checkout
  3. Enter payment details and YOUR postal address for delivery

Anyone is welcome to place an order, but make sure you get in early to avoid your favourites being sold out. Postage is a flat fee of $6.50 and is sent via the Aust Post network. Enjoy planting your bulbs!

Uraidla Primary School Parents and Friends 

Enrolment in Reception 

If you have a child turning 5, it's time to enrol them to start school. There are some changes this year, and children will either start school in July this year or at the start of 2025, depending on their age. 

Enrolments for the start of 2025 should be finalised by July 5 this year.  Please contact the front office for a registration of interest form today!



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