A message from Margie    

Sports day 

I'm sure you'll agree we had an absolutely brilliant Sports Day last week. We just loved the positive atmosphere, and how well the students cheered one another on... including those from different Houses. Students were overheard yelling, "Let's go everyone, Let's go!". Doesn't that just warm your heart? A big Thank You to Troy who organised the day and who launched a new Learn Stand Give Fly shield this year to celebrate those showing our school values on the day. Thanks also to all of the parents who stepped in to help out, and to the Parents and Friends for running the cafe and organising the ever-popular Easter raffle. What a relief that we finally got the weather right this year!


Congratulations to all of the House Captains for their excellent leadership, and of course to the inaugural winners of the Learn Stand Give Fly shield EYRE House, and to the 2024 winners of the athletics shield LIGHT House! 



New after-school procedures

We love having families in the yard after school; it's such a wonderful sign of a connected community. However, as our numbers continue to grow, it has become increasingly difficult for the teacher on yard duty to ensure all children have been collected by the 3:30 bell. 


We're going to try a new system starting on Monday and we need your help!

  • When the 3:30 bell rings, we ask ALL STUDENTS to return to the adult who is there to pick them up. 
  • Students without an adult need to collect their bags and gather under the Sports Shed veranda (near the school gate to the own oval). 
  • The teacher on yard duty will then check that there are no more students in the playground without an adult. We ask adults to please keep their children with them while we perform this check. 
  • Once the playground has been checked, the yard duty teacher will take students who have not been collected to the front office, and children with family members present can continue to play, under their family’s supervision (or the adult collecting them).  

Thank you for helping to keep our students safe at the end of the day! 🙂 


Welcomes and Farewells 

Welcome to the world to teacher Katie Martin's daughter Chloe Deborah Martin born at 12:13am on Sunday 24th March weighing 3.25kg and 49cm long. Unfortunately, she has spent her first few days of life in the nursery at Flinders but she is on the mend now. Katie is also still in hospital but hoping to be home soon. I know you will all join me in congratulating Katie! 





I wish you all a wonderful last week of term and April holidays! 😊