It has been a fantastic first semester in relation to all things Health. The busy weeks have been filled with a diverse range of amazing food creations. An incredible amount of learning (and fun) has been experienced across all subject areas of Health.

Year 7 Food Technology students have already delighted many newsletter readers with their commendable skills and capabilities in the kitchen. In theory lessons, the students have worked towards establishing an understanding of nutrition, food choices and healthy living and investigate and select strategies to promote health. They have been investigating the characteristics and properties of food techniques when creating solutions for healthy eating, as well as exploring the science behind cooking, including methods of cooking. Well done to all Year 7 students who participated in Food Technology this semester!


Year 9 Food Technology students have successfully been able to link their Science knowledge with Food Technology. The STEAM coursework supports students’ ability to think critically to solve problems, and design and create solutions. Students have been investigating the principles of food safety, preservation, preparation, presentation and sensory perceptions influence the creation of food solutions for healthy eating. A range of extremely nutritious Breakfast dishes were produced by our Year 9 cohort this semester. Congratulations to all students enrolled in Food Technology and may your interest in cooking continue.  


Budding master chefs in Year 10 Food Technology have had the opportunity to extend their knowledge regarding food culture and cuisine by investigating Indigenous foods and foods from around the world. To conclude the semester, students were able to conclude their time in the kitchen working towards the exciting part of the course, the ‘Main meal investigation’. All Year 10 teachers were thrilled to challenge themselves in the design aspect of this task to determine how far their cooking skills have evolved over the semester. Well done to all Year 10 students who completed Food Technology during semester 1. 


Year 10 Health students have paved their way under the guidance of Ms Sclarr via highly engaging classes based on the importance of health and wellbeing at an individual level and its significance to their families, communities and globally. Throughout the semester, they reviewed the lifespan stage and they will finalise their work on Youth growth and development with a particular focus on developing / strengthening resilience, decreasing stress and learning how to apply coping strategies. Well done to all Year 10 Health participants.

VCE Food Studies: 

Unit 1 - The students have been learning about food from historical and cultural perspectives and investigating the origins and roles of food through time and across the world. Students have explored how humans have historically sourced their food, examining the general progression from hunter-gatherer to rural-based agriculture, to today’s urban living and global trade in food. Students have been thoroughly enjoying the practical classroom experiences as these support their ability to extend skills, knowledge and creativeness. Unit 1 Food Studies students have been particularly fortunate to be learning under the guidance of Ms Travitz, who has provided them with an abundance of opportunities over the course of the semester.


Unit 3 - These superstars have been exploring the science of food: the physical need for it and how it nourishes and sometimes harms our bodies. Students have investigated the science of food appreciation, the physiology of eating and digestion, and the role of diet on gut health. Students have analysed food intakes, food traditions and reviewed eating models including the nutritional rationale behind the healthy eating recommendations of the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. Wishing Ms Tulloch and VCE Food Studies students all the best for their Unit 4 studies.


VCE Health and Human Development: 

Unit 1 - Students have worked independently and collaborated with their peers to identify personal perspectives and priorities relating to health and wellbeing, and enquire into factors that influence health attitudes, beliefs and practices, including among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Students have looked at multiple dimensions of health and wellbeing, the complex interplay of influences on health and wellbeing and the indicators used to measure and evaluate health status. With a focus on youth, students consider their own health as individuals and as a cohort. They are continuing to build on their health literacy through interpreting and using data, through investigating the role of nutrition. Well done to all students who have completed Unit 1 HHD!


Unit 3 - Students have been a force to be reckoned with! Already they have risen to the challenges in class and are demonstrating some fantastic results. Students are engaged and eager to always do their best and provide endless support to each other.  Students have explored health, wellbeing and illness as multidimensional, dynamic and subjective terms. They have explored health and wellbeing as a global concept and have been encouraged to take a broader approach to their inquiry. 


Over the semester, they considered the benefits of optimal health and wellbeing and its importance as an individual and a collective resource. Students have reviewed the fundamental conditions required for health improvement, as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO). They have successfully used all of this knowledge as background to their analysis and evaluation of variations in the health status of Australians. We wish these students all the best as they venture into the completion of Unit 4, HHD.


Teachers within the ‘Health’ faculty are incredibly blessed and impressed with the learning that has taken place this semester. We are all looking forward to watching our student’s learning expand even further in semester two.


For a delicious winter warmer, please enjoy the following recipe: Creamy spiced pumpkin soup with red lentils.pdf

Ms Carmen Moloney

Health Learning Area Manager