The Year 12 cohort this week sat our annual General Achievement Test (GAT) on Tuesday 18 June. While this test will not specifically contribute to our ATAR, it will be used as a guide to create or substitute a study score or exam result if a student is unable to complete the set exam due to injury or ill health, (ie, broken wrist). The test will cover aspects of numeracy, literacy, writing, added with aspects of science and humanities, ensuring all main areas of each subject are included. 


With no understanding or idea of what will be on the test and how the test will be laid out, studying is borderline impossible, thus adding more nerves and a bit more uncertainty going into the gruelling two-part, four-hour test. 


Furthermore, with the end of term approaching fast, SACs are beginning to ramp up until the end of term, with many students having multiple and up to three SACs in the last week of term. With it being the final stretch, I like many are excited and looking forward to the final stretch of Term 2, leading into the second semester of Year 12.

Adem Savran

Year 12 Student


The East Campus Concert is an annual highlight for me. It's a remarkable showcase of talent, bringing together friends and students to celebrate the art of music through captivating performances featuring a variety of songs and the beautiful synchrony of different instruments. My involvement in the choir and world music percussion allowed me to experience the exhilaration of performing and feel the strong bond that connects us all. 


The East Campus emulated the pride and sense of community fostered within our school. It serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of our students, who devoted considerable time and effort to perfect their performances for the concert, through early morning and after-school rehearsals, as well as during their precious lunch breaks. 

A big thank you to all the teachers for welcoming us into this amazing musical community and allowing us to make friends with others who share our passion. I really hope everyone had a great time!

Pearl Olaye

Year 9 Student