On Wednesday 5 June, the Year 9 language classes presented a project they’d been working on for weeks: an Expo. This expo ran throughout lunch, with stalls of the students spread around the 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 area, inside and outside the classrooms. We made expos on a certain topic related to the language we were learning. Since I am doing French I did one about the History of Luxembourg with my partner Madison. We all set up our stalls and got ready to teach visiting students and teachers about our topics, with brochures, posters and quizzes. As soon as the bell rang for the beginning of lunch, students from both year levels instantly flooded the area, eager to look at what the language students had to offer.


The entirety of lunch, there were people all around our expos looking at our displays and winning food prizes for themselves, all the while educating themselves on various French, German and Spanish related topics which ranged from foods to architecture, and from famous sports players to fashion. 


When students and teachers visited my stall, Madison and I greeted them in French and told them facts about the history of Luxembourg, and if they answered a question we asked correctly, they won a chocolate! The atmosphere was buzzing and everyone was enjoying themselves whether it was the stall owners or students or teachers. 

It was such an amazing experience which we were looking forward to from the start, so if you came this year, I hope you had fun and if you didn’t I hope you can either make or visit a stall next year! Merci beaucoup! 

Alisa Krivulin

9.3 French 


Last week, The Year 9 language classes hosted the Language Expo. Students were required to explore an aspect of a French, German or Spanish speaking country and make a stall showcasing this aspect of culture. These stalls ranged from The Eiffel Tower, Real Madrid, Spanish Food, Luxembourg, crepes and even Kylian Mbappe. The stalls were then opened to the school where over 300 students turned up to see our displays of culture. It was hectic, chaotic and a lot of fun to learn and present. 

After the vote the Swiss Squad, Das Auto, Coco Chanel and French desserts won. Thank you to the Year 9 language teachers for making this possible.

Jack Wein

9.1 French


On Wednesday 5 June, all the language classes participated in the Language Expo. For this, every student got into groups to research an aspect of the culture of their country. Many people researched and presented about certain foods, but others also talked about the sports, royalty or fashion of their culture. It was very interesting to walk around and learn from other friends. Many groups had a very interesting display, by bringing in food or creating interactive activities. One group even made a puppet show! 


My stall was about Food in Paris which I completed with my friend Amber. Did you know that Parisian people love to eat snails? On average, one French person eats around 500 snails a year! 

Congratulations to the top four stalls voted by the staff and the students: Coco Chanel, Das Auto, Swiss Squad and French Desserts. As part of the Expo, there was also a quiz conducted, which contained questions about all the different stalls. Congratulations to Clementine Hull (9E) and Ariel Kalendarev (9A) who were tied winners for the quiz. 


Overall, the Expo was a great success this year and a lot of fun to be a part of! 

Chinthya Sridhar

9.2 French


Notre groupe a étudié l'équipe de France. Surnommés les Bleus, ils sont entraînés par Didier Deschamps. Sous sa direction, l'équipe a connu de grands succès, comme la finale coupe du monde 2022 et 2018. Les Bleus sont réputés pour leur talent exceptionnel ; des joueurs comme Mbappé et Kanté en sont de bons exemples. Cette équipe talentueuse reflète l'excellence du football français. Notre groupe a beaucoup aimé ce projet. Nous pensons que l'équipe de France est un modèle d'excellence sportive.

This term, our group studied the French national team. Known as Les Bleus, they are coached by Didier Deschamps. Under his leadership, the team has achieved great successes, like reaching the FIFA World Cup 2022 and 2018 final. Les Bleus are renowned for their exceptional talent; players like Mbappé and Kanté are good examples. This talented team reflects the excellence of French football. Our group really enjoyed this project. We think the French national team is a model of sports excellence.  

Amirali Khosravi, Morgan Nott & Oscar Nilsson

9.1 French


We are thrilled to announce the large number of finalists from our school in the Berthe Mouchette Competition (Poetry Recitation). These students have demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication.


The finals will take place on:

  • 23 June 2024 for Years 7 - 8
  • 28 July 2024 for Years 9 - 10

Years 7 and 8 parents and students who are finalists have been notified of the finals details and have received the Zoom link. Parents and students of Years 9 and 10 finalists will be notified of the finals details as soon as we receive information from Alliance Française.


Congratulations to the following students for making it to the finals:


Year 7: Leon Gauthier, Kiki Johnson & Henri Peignoux

Year 8: Benya Goldman, Bhumika Kapur, Devika Rajesh Gayathri, Celina Smith & Stefania Trapetsa

Year 9: Claude Howard & Oscar Tran

Year 10: Abby Butterworth & Amelie Ciddor


We are incredibly proud of our students and wish them the best of luck in the finals.


Monsieur Chamontin

French Teacher


On Friday 7 May, a group of twelve enthusiastic students from Years 10, 11, and 12 French classes gathered after school for the Leading the Conversation Workshop. The aim? To learn how to steer conversations in French with confidence and flair.


The workshop was all about getting hands-on experience with various conversational techniques. The students explored strategies for managing the flow of dialogue, smoothly shifting topics, and keeping everyone engaged. It wasn't just about listening and learning; the students actively practised these techniques with their classmates, making for a dynamic and interactive session.


The room was filled with chatter and laughter as the students dove into role-playing exercises and lively discussions. They exchanged tips, gave each other feedback, and celebrated small victories together. It was wonderful to see them so engaged and supportive of one another.



Because of the current political problems in New Caledonia, these two trips have unfortunately had to be cancelled.


Jennifer Lynd

Languages Learning Area Manager