The Yakult excursion was really interesting and beneficial towards our learning because we were able to see how the content we learned in class actually applies to real life. This was an eye opener for a lot of us, as often we would learn something at school and not fully understand if the real world and real businesses actually function a certain way, due to never seeing it with our own eyes. 


In my opinion, it also gave me a better understanding on how businesses work apart from just learning what is inside the textbook. Seeing it happen in front of me made the learning process far more engaging and also helped explain a lot of concepts.

The excursion was also fun as we were able to go out of the school environment yet still make memories. It was exciting to go on the bus together with classmates, as well as learn about the business while having discussions with each other.


I’ve learned a lot from the excursion and believe that it really helped me in preparation for the SAC.

Nicole Ho

Year 12 Student


Year 9 History students recently had the opportunity to visit the Shrine of Remembrance and National Gallery of Victoria (Ian Potter Centre). At the Shrine, we learned about the history of World War I and Australia's place in it. Our group was led by a tour guide named Phil, who was an ex-serviceman and was very informative about the history of the Shrine and its different galleries. Reflecting on this experience, it was rich with information and was a great finish to our recent topic of World War I.


At the NGV, we got to see numerous artworks that portrayed life during the First Fleet's arrival, colonisation, and settlement. This was enjoyable as we got to learn about and analyse different art pieces and how they conveyed the events of the development of Australia, from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives. 

This excursion was extremely fascinating and exciting. Overall, we really enjoyed this experience and the knowledge that we obtained from it.


Thank you to Miss Arneil for organising and to the Year 9 History teachers and other staff for taking us on this excursion and allowing us to have this amazing experience.

Jackson Torres & Jasmine Rey

Year 9 Students