Important Dates

Student Absences - Notifying The School 

Please continue to ensure that all student absences, regardless of the reason, are reported to the school as soon as possible.


While we understand that at times there are unavoidable reasons for why students are not at school, we ask for your assistance in notifying the school the reason why. Where possible, attendance notes should be entered prior to the absence/lateness occurring.


Attendance notification can be done in one of the following ways: 

  1. Online: log the absence directly on Compass
  2. Telephone: the school office and let the staff know your child’s name, class, date of absences and reason. - 53413560
  3. Email: the school and provide the staff with your child’s name, class, date of absences and reason. 
  4. SMS notification - click on the link within the text message that indicates your child is away

Compass is quite simple to use to add a note for the unexplained absences for your child/ren, both past and future. Please click HERE for more information.


We appreciate your support and assistance in adding notes for your child/ren's absences.

Term 4 Family Event Calendar

OctoberTuesday 3rdGrade 5/6 Parent Helper Camp Meeting 4pm in BER
 Wednesday 4th 

Japan Trip Information Session: 5.30 pm in BER

Pre-Schooler Program

 Friday 6th

Pre-Schooler Program


Regional Athletics


Japanese Day - Special lunch day - No Canteen orders 

 Monday 9th5/6 Urban Camp (BER & Scotsburn)
 Tuesday 10th

5/6 Urban Camp (BER & Scotsburn)

Prep - 2 Sports Day 

 Wednesday 11th

5/6 Camp (BER & Scotsburn Return - Quad Begin)

Pre-Schooler Program 

Prep swimming

 Thursday 12th5/6 Urban Camp (Quad)
 Friday 13th

5/6 Camp (QUAD)

3/4 Assembly

Pre-Schooler Program

 Monday 16thUnion Jack Walk - 3/4
 Wednesday 18th

Pre-Schooler Program                               

Prep swimming

 Thursday 19thYoung Authors Program
 Friday 20thCOLOUR RUN
 Monday 23rd

1/2 swimming

School Council 7 pm

 Tuesday 24th

1/2 swimming

Hotshots tennis

 Wednesday 25th

1/2 swimming

Prep swimming

Pre-Schooler Program

Regional basketball

Union Jack Walk - 3/4

 Thursday 26th1/2 swimming
 Friday 27th

1/2 swimming

5/6 Assembly

Pre-Schooler Program

Bulldogs Read- Program Finale

World Teachers’ Day Australia

NovemberWednesday 1st

Prep swimming

Union Jack Walk - 3/4

 Thursday 2ndDivision Cricket
 Friday 3rdYoung Authors Program - Celebration Day
 Wednesday 8thPrep Swimming
 Friday 10thRemembrance Day Observance
 Monday 13th5/6 Swimming
 Tuesday 14th5/6 Swimming
 Wednesday 15th  5/6 Swimming
 Thursday 16th5/6 Swimming
 Friday 17th 5/6 Swimming
 Monday 20th 3/4 Swimming
 Tuesday 21st

3/4 swimming

PREP Community Helpers Walk

 Wednesday 22nd


Energy Breakthrough

 Thursday 23rd

3/4 Swimming

Energy Breakthrough

 Friday 24th

3/4 swimming

Energy Breakthrough

DecemberFriday 1stGrandparents & Special friends (9-11am)
 Thursday 7thGrade 1 Late Stay & Grade 2 Sleep Over 
 Friday 8th


Reports Sent Home

 Monday 11thP-T Interviews (4-6pm)
 Tuesday 12th State-wide Orientation Day
 Wednesday 13thP-T Interviews (1pm Finish) - 5pm
 Thursday 14th Meet your teacher day (12-1:10pm)
 Friday 15th3/4 swimming (make up lesson)
 Monday 18thScotsburn Concert
 Tuesday 19thGrade 6 Graduation - Class 2023
 Wednesday 20thEnd of term - 1:30 pm dismissal of students


OctoberFriday 6thWhole School Assembly
 Friday 13th3/4 Assembly
 Friday 20thP-2 Assembly
 Friday 27th5/6 Assembly
NovemberFriday 3rdNo Assembly

Term Dates

Term 3, 202310 July - 15 September
Term 4, 20232 October - 20 December
Term 1, 2024

29th January - 28th March


31 January Grade 1 to 6 Students Start


1st February Prep Students Start

Term 2, 202415 April - 28 June
Term 3, 202415 July - 20 September
Term 4, 20247 October - 20 December