e-Learning News 

Digital Technology:


The 3/4 Community! 

This term students in the Year 3/4 Community have been learning heaps about Digital Systems! 


The students already have so much knowledge about the different types of technology we have both at school and at home, and how these are used to make our lives easier. 


We have explored the differences between hardware and software by coming up with examples we are familiar with through our own usage.  The Community also delved into outputs vs inputs!


Students were then asked to choose a Digital Hardware item in order to create a poster on its functions! Check out some of the Year 3/4 Community Posters! 

Coding Club 

Coding Club is in its 3rd week now! 

The number of attendees from both the Year 3/4 and 5/6 Communities has remained strong. It has been great to see students really engaged in the sessions - collaborating, sharing their ideas and problem-solving coding dilemmas. 


The students' projects are beginning to take shape. The majority of them choose the platform Scratch to develop their game and animation designs. 


I can't wait to update you on how these projects are going and also share some of the finished designs. 

Stefanie Poropat

e-Learning Leader