Focus on Learning- Christmas

Mrs Sharnie Meade - Leader of Pedagogy 

Our classrooms are full of glitter, smiles and excitement; it's Christmas Week!  Each year, in the final week of school, we celebrate Christmas through art, craft and other learning activities. 


Students will complete numeracy and literacy activities in the morning, usually based around the festive season.  Students may write Christmas themed poems, stories or research Christmas in other countries.   Here are some of our infants students completing Christmas booklets, with a range of english and maths work. 


After recess, we usually move into Religion and learning about the special traditions of Christmas time in our faith community.  


Then the fun begins:  our Christmas Craft activities!  Each class is given a budget from the School, and teachers select the craft from a company online.  Supplies are sent out, and then throughout the week, various projects are completed. 


Below are some snapshots from our craft thus far.  Be sure to scroll across so you can see all of the photos! 


5/6 with their Christmas themed door handles:

3/4 with some of their wool gnomes (a little challenging to make from what I have been told!) 



Infants Christmas trees with their faces as a memento of this moment in time: 



More faces in 5/6! 



5/6 tested their patience creating sequined baubles and other bejewelled ornaments: 


Wooden Christmas Trees in 3/4: 



It is so wonderful to see the children enjoying this time with their friends, teachers and other staff members.  A great time of the year to create long-lasting memories! 


Wishing all the families of our St Joey's community a safe, blessed and happy Christmas and all the best for 2024! 


Mrs Sharnie Meade