Digital platform access

Digital Platforms at GSC  

In 2024 GSC has two main digital platforms that we use as part of our learning programs across all year levels. These platforms, Edrolo and Education Perfect, are subscription based and are used in place of textbooks for subjects. Digital Platforms enable students to access the learning materials via their device regardless of location and are also more cost effective due to the bundling options of their content compared to textbooks.   


As they form core elements of our curriculum delivery, it is essential that all students have activated and paid for their relevant subscriptions.   


Payments must be made direct to the respective platform via your child's account.  



Does my student need Education Perfect? 

  • Students in Year 7-9 require Education Perfect for English and Indonesian.  
  • Education Perfect is $20/subject/student  

Does my student need Edrolo?  

  • Students in Year 7-10 require Edrolo for Maths and Science.  Junior Edolo is $40/student  *There is no charge for Year 10 Edrolo in 2024*  
  • Students in VCE and VCE-VM require Edrolo for the following subjects: 
    • Unit 1&2: Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, General Mathematics, Health and Human Development, Legal Studies, Mathematical Methods, Physical Education, Physics, and Psychology.  
    • Unit 3&4: Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, General Mathematics, EAL, English, Food Studies, Health and Human Development, History, Legal Studies, Mathematical Methods, Media Studies, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, Specialist Mathematics, Art Making and Exhibiting, and Visual Communication and Design.  
    • VCE and VCE-VM Edrolo is $40/subject capped at $120 / student  

Can I pay the subscription for Edrolo or Education via Campion or GSC?  

No. Unfortunately, payments need to be made to the respective platform directly.  


Instructions for how to pay for your child’s account can be found on the College Website


If students are having account activation issues, are unsure of their email or password, please see the IT staff at school who can assist.