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Peter Soutar

2025 VCE Study Design

VCAA have released a consultation draft of the 2025 Study Design available here

VCAA would like feedback on the consultation draft from VCE teachers.

2023 VCE Forums

VCE Philosophy - Unit 3 Forum

Sunday - 21st May (you can still purchase the recording of this event)

VCE Philosophy - Unit 4 Forum

Sunday 30th July (you can still purchase the recording of this event)

VCE Philosophy - Revision Forum

Recordings of our Revision Forums from 2022 & 2021 are also available ($100 each).

2021 includes:

· Peter Soutar on Smart & Nagel

· Tristan Hill on Locke & Hume

· Lenny Robinson on Technology & The Good Life

· Kristy Forrest on Exam Revision Strategies

2022 includes:

· Ben Kilby on Evaluation in VCE Philosophy & Exam Breakdown

· Bonnie Zuidland on Section B: Extended Response

· Timotei Schubert on Comparing Philosophers and Ideas Across Unit 4

· Tristan Hill on Section C: The Essay

Email to request an invoice & access.

To book for either/both and receive an invoice, please fill out this form.

VAPS VCE 2025 Study Design Resourcing Team

VAPS will help prepare VCE Philosophy teachers for the changes coming to the study design in 2025. VAPS will have a team focussed on removing, modifying, and adding VCE Philosophy resrouces from the members section of our website to ensure our work is current with the new study design once it's released. 

We seek expressions of interest from people who are interested in joining this team.

Please fill out this form if you are interested. 

VCE Resources - Contemporary Articles

We have started to curate a document with recent texts that are relevant to VCE. You can access and contribute to the document from the members section of our website (login required).


VCE Set Text Audiobooks

VAPS has recently published audiobooks available for free via Spotify for the current VCE Philosophy Set Texts. These are particuarly useful to have the texts all in one place, and also for texts that jump around and skip sections of the original (e.g., Descartes). These audiobooks will allow you to listen to only those sections that form part of the set text.


Please see our website and events calendar page of this newsletter for full details about venues, times, and registrations for all events.


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