Year 3/4 News

Akshpreet, Leannder and Sean

The past three weeks have been nothing short of eventful for our Year 3/4 students here at Clayton North Primary. Let's take a moment to celebrate their achievements and adventures together.


Firstly, we're thrilled to announce that our Year 3 students have completed their NAPLAN tests. This is a significant milestone, and we commend their hard work and dedication during this testing period. 

Harmony Day

In the spirit of unity and diversity, we recently celebrated Harmony Day. It was a beautiful occasion where our students had the opportunity to share and celebrate their unique cultures with one another. The sense of inclusivity and acceptance was palpable, highlighting the rich tapestry of cultures within our school community. One of the highlights of the day was the exhilarating African drumming incursion. Our students were captivated by the rhythms and energy of the drums, providing them with a memorable cultural experience.


As you know our students have been engrossed in the process of building rockets. They are nearing the completion of their projects, and we're excited to share videos of their rocket launches with the wider community soon. It's been a thrilling journey of discovery and hands-on learning for our budding scientists and engineers.


Literacy and Numeracy

Turning our attention to academics, our students have been making significant progress in their literacy and numeracy skills. During their reading lessons, the students have been learning to identify the author's purpose, thereby improving their comprehension skills.


 In writing, they've been diligently planning and constructing a word wall for their narrative pieces. Additionally, in mathematics, the focus has been on mastering multiplication.

The Year 3/4 Teachers wish every student a happy and safe Term 1 break. We are excited to know about all the adventures you will embark on during these holidays.