Bucket Filler Award 

Bucket Fillers

The idea behind the Bucket Filler theory is that each interaction with another person is a chance to build wellbeing. The theory developed by Clifton and Rath is that people have an invisible bucket.


When a person’s bucket is overflowing they feel positive and energised. When a person’s bucket is empty they feel exhausted and sad. Each person also has an invisible dipper. With this dipper they have the power to fill other people’s buckets through thoughtful and supportive interactions. They also have the power to dip from others people’s buckets through unkind interactions. The beauty is that when a person fills a bucket they build their own positive emotions too. Anyone is welcome to nominate Bucket Fillers by completing a nomination form found at the office.



Congratulations to our Bucket Fillers for this week...



Always going above and beyond for everyone at GRPS. We are so thankful for you as you’re the shining light in 3B.

Nominated by: Indie and Aryash


Irine J and Alia H in 5C

For checking in with me. You are beautiful, caring girls.

Nominated by: Mrs Bosomworth