General News

Birthdays, Lunch Time Clubs, Book Club and Sushi Lunch Orders

Birthdays... We are wishing David, Cyndi, Leo, Nico, Charlotte, Emily D, Casey and Parker a very special day as they celebrate their birthday with family and friends. Enjoy all the fun! Happy Birthday!


Lunch Clubs


Sushi Lunch Orders

We are sorry to let you know that our Thursday sushi lunch orders are unable to return in 2024. The minimum order amount has increased to 75 orders and our average at the moment is 40 unfortunately. 

We will hold special sushi lunch days for a couple of days in each term and will let you know when those will be happening.

Thank you.


Book Club

Issue 1 for 2024 is out now!

You can order here or through the Issue 1 catalogue sent home during the week.