Parent Payments

Thank you to those families who have returned their forms. Please return as soon as possible. If you did not receive, please contact the office.


We have been informed of some difficulty when completing the Parent Payment Arrangement. We have taken time to prepare some examples below which may help you complete page 6 of the 2023 Parent Payment Arrangement enclosed.

Example 1. Family of 3, Grounds and IT for eldest, IT for 2nd and 3rd child, Excursion Levy upfront.

Student’s name:John Jane JimTOTAL
Year Level53F 
Curriculum Contributions$55$55$55$165
Other Contributions$80$30$30$140
Extra-Curricular Items and Activities$170$170$170$510


Example 2. Family of 2, Grounds and IT for eldest, IT for 2nd, to pay as you go for excursions/incursions.

Student’s name:John Jane  TOTAL
Year Level53  
Curriculum Contributions$55$55 $110
Other Contributions$80$30 $110
Extra-Curricular Items and Activities   $0
SUBTOTAL$135$85 $220


Example 3. Family of 1, Grounds, IT and Excursion Levy upront.

Student’s name:John   TOTAL
Year Level5   
Curriculum Contributions$55  $55
Other Contributions$80  $80
Extra-Curricular Items and Activities$170  $170
SUBTOTAL$305  $305


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.


Thank you once again for your support, it is certainly appreciated.