Principal's Report

Dear families,


Along with many of our students I have been away with Influenza. Thank you to all the staff who worked together as a team during my absence, at such a busy time, it was greatly appreciated. 



A great deal of fun was had by all at the Diversity Dash yesterday. Our House captains did a fantastic job setting up the course. Thank you to our Parents & Friends members who sold hot dogs on the day. 



Our transition program for 2023 has commenced. Next year Mrs Bathman and Mrs Wilkison will be taking the Foundation class. Mrs Bathman is very excited about her return to the Foundation class!



Our second last meeting for the year will be held on Monday 30th October at 6.30pm. Finance will commence at 6pm.



Monday 6th November is a Professional Practice Day, there will be no school for students. Tuesday the 7th November is a public holiday for the Melbourne Cup. 



The Australian Government has established the School Student Broadband Initiative to provide free home internet for one year for up to 30,000 eligible families with school-aged students.

The initiative aims to boost education opportunities. NBN Co is leading the rollout of this initiative across the country.


How the School Student Broadband Initiative can help your child.

Children who can access online learning at home as part of their education are more likely to engage in classroom activities.

Access to fast internet at home can also support children to build their digital skills, learn how to safely use the internet and take part in a world that is more reliant on digital technology.



To be eligible, families must:

· have a child living at home enrolled in an Australian school in 2023

· not have an active National Broadband Network internet service at their home* (having a mobile internet service does not affect eligibility)

· live in a premises that can access the National Broadband Network through a standard connection. NBN Co will check this for you after you apply

· register interest with your school and complete a consent form to be assessed for eligibility.

*If an address has been disconnected within 14 days prior to an eligibility check – the address will be classified as ineligible. There may be cases where exceptions can be made, please contact the School Student Broadband Initiative team at to discuss further.


How the School Student Broadband Initiative works

If you are eligible, your home internet service will be provided at no cost for one year with a participating internet provider over the National Broadband Network. Each internet provider has its own step-by-step process to get you connected, which may involve you providing identification.

Once you sign up, the internet provider will help you set up your connection. The initiative does not include devices such as a computer or tablet. Other members of your household can use the internet service provided through this initiative.

The one-year period will start from the day your service is activated with your chosen provider. At the end of the one-year period, you will not be placed onto a paid service by your internet provider without your consent. The Australian Government is considering options beyond the one-year free period.


How to apply

· Ask your school for a copy of the School Student Broadband Initiative consent form.

· Complete the consent form and return to the school.

· NBN Co will use student address details on the consent form to confirm eligibility.

· If you are eligible, NBN Co will issue a voucher for your family to use to sign up with a participating internet provider. This will be provided to you by your school.

Please note: NBN Co will review the home address for eligibility. No personal information other than your main home address will be shared with NBN Co. Please see the consent form for details about how personal information will be used.


Find out more

For more information about the School Student Broadband Initiative, visit 


Have a great weekend.

Regards Heather