Assistant Principals' Report

Rachel Robertson, Years 7 & 8

It was truly wonderful to witness the enthusiastic participation of numerous Year 7 and 8 students at the Athletics Carnival, held at the beginning of Term 2. Decked out in imaginative costumes reflecting the 2000s theme, they infused the event with vibrant energy and spirited competition.


At a recent Year 7 Assembly, I had the privilege of being a judge for the Year 7 public speaking competition. The speeches covered a wide array of topics, from Climate Change to Horse Racing in Australia, to the feasibility of a 4-day school week. I was deeply impressed by the confidence and persuasive skills demonstrated by all speakers. Undoubtedly, there are future leaders among them.


Our Year 7 Open Night, held on April 23rd, was a resounding success. I extend my gratitude to our hosts, Tamsin Day and Stella Powell, as well as our brave Year 7 student speakers, Leila Wiegard and Eliza Axford. A special acknowledgment must also go to the numerous Year 8 Junior Ambassadors whose invaluable support contributed significantly to the event's success. The A ‘Capella choir performed to start the evening off and showcase their talents and they were met with a resounding applause! There could not have been a more effective way to showcase the essence of our college than through the remarkable contributions of these students.

Katherine Warriner, Years 9 & 10

It has been an exciting few weeks at Melbourne Girls’ College. The students are settling in to their studies and have had the opportunity to participate in a number of events. My first MGC Swimming Carnival was a wonderful display of house spirit and creativity. The Year 12 students embraced their final Swimming Carnival and dressed up in some fabulous costumes, led the house cheers and managed to make it from one end of the pool to the other in, or near, a variety of inflatable objects. The Pedal Cinema event was also well attended and the students put in a phenomenal effort to ensure there was enough power to make it through the Barbie movie.

One of the highlights for me was supporting the Student Club Expo, where our diverse range of clubs welcomed new members with open arms, igniting excitement about the upcoming activities they have in store. These clubs serve as invaluable platforms for students to cultivate leadership skills, share their passions, and forge meaningful connections with their peers.


On a more serious note, we recently hosted a Youth Mental Health First Aid training session for parents, providing them with insights into the challenges facing our youth and equipping them with strategies to support their children during difficult times. This course is offered again in September and we encourage parents to sign up for this later in the year.


As I reflect on the eve of International Women's Day, I'm filled with pride at the overwhelming turnout for our celebratory breakfast. Staff, students, and esteemed alumni gathered to commemorate this special day, with the latter graciously sharing their post-MGC journeys to inspire the next generation of trailblazers. Here's to a future filled with boundless possibilities and empowered women leading the charge!

Kate Nicholls, Years 11 & 12

Term 2 has begun fast-paced and event-filled, it was fantastic to see all the college involved and enjoying the Athletics carnival in week 1, with a large proportion of Senior Students attending and facilitating the day with the junior students. It is wonderful to see such enthusiasm and care for each other on days such as these.


We are delighted that the Year 12 jumpers have arrived in time for the cooler months and the students are wearing them proudly around the college as they navigate their final year at MGC. The Year 11 students are currently in the planning stages of their formal and the excitement is building for this later in the term.


The rowing program has continued with a busy Term 2, we have had 2 very successful evenings this term. I was lucky enough to attend the Rowing Presentation Night last Friday and it was incredible to hear the talent, commitment, and passion from our Year 8 through to our Year 12 students. The Rowing Captain Sara Lay and Vice-Captains Freya Roudavaski- Young and Lyla Artavillas speech was insightful and highlighted their passion and fondness to the program and community this program has formed. The rowing 2023/2024 review video was beautifully constructed by our talented Year 12 Aylin Guler and reflected on the students’ experience, both an exciting and challenging season.


Finally, Learn to Row was a fantastic evening ran on Wednesday 1st May where the Year 8 students learnt about the rowing program, what it offers and the different opportunities within the program. It was great to see so many students, families and guardians in the theatre and online.


Acting Assistant Principal Yr 11 and 12

Kate Nicholls