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A note from Kirrily 

Happy mid-year holidays everyone! 


This week we enjoyed having SMG come to do a Kimochis show, the kids learnt all about being brave, being feelings detectives and they were very excited to see the life sized Kimochis characters, Bug and Cat! Even the teachers got a turn on stage, which the kids found quite amusing! We will be able to use the songs and lessons in our classrooms to keep implementing the helpful skills they learnt. 


I hope you all have an enjoyable break, stay warm!




Jess's reception class is looking for some resources and would love donations of any

tools equipment: old hammers, washers, nails, bolts, buttons, small stones, small household items, tongs, trays, material, small wood pieces, small baskets, or any objects for students to count quantities and to sort. 

If you have any items suitable, please drop them to Jess's classroom. Thanks 

Book Week 2024

Book Week is almost here, and it’s time for students, parents, and families to start preparing for one of the most enchanting events of the school year. This year, Book Week will be celebrated in Week 5 of Term 3, with the captivating theme, "Reading is Magic." It's an excellent opportunity to ignite a love for reading and let children's imaginations soar.


Costume Guidelines: Embrace the Magic of Books


To fully embrace the theme "Reading is Magic," we encourage students to dress up as their favourite characters from books that evoke a sense of wonder, magic, and adventure. Here are a few guidelines and suggestions to help families create magical and memorable costumes:


1. **Stick to Book Characters:**

   - Please remember that costumes should represent characters from books. Avoid superhero costumes unless they are from a book (e.g., "Percy Jackson" series, "Harry Potter" series).


2. **Explore Magical Themes:**

   - Consider characters from fantasy and adventure genres. Think wizards, fairies, enchanted creatures, and adventurous heroes.


3. **Get Creative and DIY:**

   - Homemade costumes can be both fun and cost-effective. Use everyday items to recreate iconic looks. For example, a simple black robe and a stick can transform a child into Harry Potter.


4. **Inspiration Ideas:**

   - **"Harry Potter" Series:** Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, or any Hogwarts house member.

   - **"Alice in Wonderland":** Alice, the Mad Hatter, or the Cheshire Cat.

   - **"The Chronicles of Narnia":** Aslan, Lucy, or the White Witch.

   - **"Matilda":** Matilda herself, Miss Honey, or Miss Trunchbull.

   - **"The Magic Faraway Tree" Series:** Moonface, Silky the Fairy, or the Saucepan Man.


5. **Comfort and Practicality:**

   - Ensure costumes are comfortable and safe for a day at school. Avoid heavy accessories or anything that might obstruct movement or vision.


Let’s make Book Week 2024 a magical experience for everyone. Start planning those spellbinding costumes and get ready to celebrate the wonder and enchantment of reading!

Uniform Ordering

Did you know our school uniforms can now be ordered through Flexi Schools? We have the whole range available for you to order through the Flexi schools app. Place your order online and we will get the order packaged and delivered to your child.


Alternatively, please come into the front office on a Monday or Friday for a viewing/fitting or to purchase.



Enrolment in Reception 

If you have a child turning 5 in the next 12 months, it's time to enrol them to start school.  Children either start school at the start of the year or in July, depending on their age. 


Our school has now reached capacity and we have begun a Capacity Management Plan, which means that we give priority enrolment to children in our catchment area. Please note that younger siblings of existing students are guaranteed enrolment. 


If you are speaking to other families about enrolling in school, they can find their local school through the Find My School website: Find a school zone or preschool catchment area (


Enrolments for the start of 2025 should be finalised by June 21 this year.  Once we know how many students from our catchment area will be coming, we will be able to determine whether we can welcome other local families. 


Please contact the front office for a registration of interest form today!



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