A message from Troy    


It's with sad news that we are farewelling some students and their families from Uraidla Primary School. We would like to farewell Amelia Vagg and her mum Cate who have been here since reception. We'd also like to farewell Marcela Molina and mum Michaela. Finally, we say farewell to Amelia and Quinn George along with parents, Kate and Brett.  We would like to wish you all the best in the future and know that we are sad to see you leave our Uraidla Primary School Community. 


We'd also like to say a big thank you to Kate George for all her hard work on the parents and friends committee. She has worked incredibly hard organising the colour runs, art show and is seen at almost all Willow Cafe's after assemblies. We would like to thank you for all you hard work and commitment to raising money which has gone towards so many of our school projects. 

Winter Solstice

Congratulations to all who attended the Winter Solstice. It was fantastic to have so many families out there to hear the wonderful story of the Uraidla Demon. A big well done to Alex's class for their Big Write narratives they worked so hard on dreaming up mythical creatures that could be used for the urban legend of the event. Well done to Ashton Geytenbeek for cleverly connecting the Uraidla Demon to our local sports teams. For those who weren't there please have a look at the wonderful demon created by Lisa Golding and all the lanterns created by students across the school. Thank you to the families in supporting the students in attending the event and helping to bring this story to life through the procession. We can't wait to see what next year's Solstice will involve. 



This term students have been learning about Brave. We have learnt so much across the term including definitions, personal reflections of bravery, being honest and brave to share who you are, not giving up as well as not doing things to show bravery as well as being an upstander. As we finish off this term, I thought it would be great to hear from some of our students what they thought Brave meant.


"Be upstanding by standing up for those who are being bullied, trying new things and taking risks." Elodie


"To stand up and do something you wouldn't normally do and to try something different."  Arlo


"Being brave is standing up for younger kids. Being brave is not following someone doing the wrong thing but doing the right thing." Harley


"Facing something you're scared of and have never done before." Alyssa


"Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something you might be scared of." Mabel


"If someone is being bullied to stand up for them." Leonard


"Trying something that you're scared to do and just do it." Ivy


Next term we look at give. Our focus for the term is about Kindness. We look forward to sharing this learning with you. 


Learning Discussions

I know many of you have been discussing your child's learning with their teachers throughout the year and by now should have received your semester one reports. If you would like a more formal opportunity to discuss the report or any aspect of your child's progress in their learning, we are offering a second round of Learning Conversations over week 3 term 3. This time we won't be booking through an app; we ask you to simply request a meeting by sending a SeeSaw message to your child's teacher, and they will be happy to arrange a time that works best for them and you. 


Staff vs Students netball

Today, students and staff played a competitive game of netball during lunchtime. This involved 12 staff members and 28 students. It was an entertaining game with students from years 4-6 showcasing their skills learnt during PE lessons. Thank you to all staff and students involved and the parents who came to support.  We look forward to the next staff vs students game. 



I wish you a wonderful holidays! 😊