Student Learning 


Foundation students planned and wrote their own stories and shared them with the class. They have also been learning about words with 'ck' in them. 

Year 1/2

Reading: This term the students are completing an author study on Bob Graham. They have been identifying the themes and techniques used in his books.

Writing: Using inspiration from Bob Graham, the students commenced their narratives based on everyday experiences.

Maths: The students have been learning about shapes and were able to note the key characteristics of 2D and 3D shapes.

Year 3/4

The Year 3/4 students have been drafting and revising their narrative pieces, inspired by their author study of Margaret Wild. We are very excited to read their finished pieces.

Year 5/6

5/6s working with oil pastels to create form and make it look 3D.


5/6s will be studying Tristan Bancks this term for our Author study. Here the students used real news to inspire their imagination and write creativity.

5/6 Maths, students are working with positive and negative numbers. Toby and Qisha awesome math note book.

Lunch time in the sun!