What's news in 3/4LS?

Mrs. Lesur / Mrs. Sofra

What a fantastic start to a busy term 2 we have had!

3/4LS kicked off the class masses for 2024. Our theme was Easter, and as the students, staff and community of SJV came together for worship, we remembered that Easter is a time of renewal, a time when we are reminded of the power of hope, forgiveness, and love. It is a time when we celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, of life over death. For our reflection we put actions to the Aboriginal Lord's Prayer. The students had a great morning!



Recently, our focus during maths has been on perimeter and area. The students have been exploring the differences between the two, how to measure perimeter and area, as well as using the perimeter and area formulas to solve various shape measurements. Our celebration of learning was an open ended task where each student was given grid paper and asked to draw a robot of their choice. The students then calculated the perimeter and area of their robot. The students were so engaged and it was great to see their learning come together for their final task.



If you were to walk into our classroom during writing time you will see us busily researching, writing sentences and paraphrasing information to create our very own information report of a living creature of our choice. The students have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the process of writing an information report and cannot wait to present their information along with pictures, diagrams and personal creativity to the class and our buddies! By the end of the term our information report posters will be displayed outside our classroom and we invite you all to come and have a look either before or after school!

Work in progress pictures....