Hello, from our students and teachers.

News from Room 3, Mrs. Lisa Fasham 



Over the last few weeks we have been focusing on point of view in reading. We have read lots of mentor texts and watched short videos, discussing how points of view change and understanding the events that have shaped a character's point of view.

In writing, we have been using our 5 senses to write vivid descriptions that helps the reader to visualize the person, place, thing, or situation being described. 

In the following activity, students were asked to write a letter showing, not telling, what was happening as if they were in the scene.



In Mathematics the grade 4/5 students have been creating budgets and measuring mass.

They have spent a few weeks working with money, showing different ways to make given amounts and calculating change that would be received. Students have also been calculating the discount that they would receive if they were offered 10%, 25% or 50% off.