Junior School

Preps at Werribee Zoo

Prep Excursion To Werribee Zoo

On Friday 3rd August the Prep classes enjoyed a magnificent day at Werribee Open Range Zoo.


The weather was perfect as we wandered past the pride of lions that were relaxing right at the front of the enclosure. The hippos were up-and-about and we saw them going in and out of the water. The gorillas were walking around eating fruit and there was a cheetah sitting right beside the glass of the enclosure. We had an amazing ride on the safari bus that took us up close to the giraffes, zebras, rhinos and antelopes. It was very exciting to have a camel poke his head into the bus to say hello to us.


We enjoyed exploring a habitat enclosure where some wallabies were sunning themselves in the corner. We learnt from our educators about the many different animals in a habitat. We thank God for the wonderful weather and the opportunity to observe some of His amazing


Gaye Jones

Prep Teacher 

Year 1S Firefighter Visit


Year 1 students enjoyed a visit from Firefighters Victoria this week. Students learnt all about fire safety and the important role firefighters play in our community. 


A special thank you to current parent Mr Wong (Firefighter Vic) for coming in and visiting us!

Sonia Sires

Prep Teacher