Middle School

Year 7 NGV Mona Visit

Year 6 Market Day

Year 6 students recently took part of the Market Day, and despite the wild weather, did an excellent job!


The Market Day is teaching students about business components in Term 1 and Term 2, where they are tasked with researching products and consumer needs through surveys. The groups had a variety of ideas to share and did a great job.


Overall $1863.26 was raised for school mission trips – $700 more than last year.


Thanks to everyone involved and making this a great day. 

Year 7 NGV Mona Visit


Stories Of Impact

At St Andrews, our staff are passionate about educating to impact young lives for Christ. We love hearing stories about how God is actively at work here in Middle School through our staff and we would like to share with you the experience of one of our Year 8 students:


Earlier this year, my grandfather passed away. It was a first time thing for me, I had never experienced a time where someone that close to me passed away. My mother rushed to Indonesia to help my grandparents roughly about two weeks before my grandpa died. Throughout the first week, I was challenged to balance my time between my school work and a lot of the housework that needed to be done at home. It was a real struggle! I had a Maths test to study for and Geography assignment due the following week. I also went to sleep late every night, feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I prayed every day, praying that God would heal my grandpa and everything would go back to normal. 


When my grandfather passed away the second week my father hurried overseas to attend the funeral. My brothers and I were left behind and had to spend three weeks at our cousin's place. It was a real struggle finding time to study for my Maths test and to finish my Geography assignment as I had many after-school activities I had to attend during that week. I knew I wasn't able to complete my Geography assignment on the day it was due. Although I had many close friends helping me along the way, my stress and worries just kept building up! I went up to my homeroom teacher and explained my whole situation to her. She kindly gave me permission to take extra time with my project. It felt like all of my stresses and worries just drained out of me. She supported and helped me throughout that week. I felt blessed and happy to have a teacher like that. 


God had also played a role throughout one of the hardest two weeks of my life. God planned my grandpa's death to happen. Without Him, I wouldn't have also been blessed with my grandpa. Now my grandpa is happy in Heaven! God gave me friends who kept me going for the two weeks and also blessed me with an amazing, supportive and inspiring teacher who was willing to give me more time to finish my assignment. 


Because of my teacher, I have developed a stronger relationship with God as I now pray more regularly and have more mercy on my younger brothers. She has really helped and encouraged me throughout the weeks after my grandpa's death. She has also made me more aware of what may happen in the future. John 14:1 says “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me." This verse in the Bible has helped me through my hard time. 


Year 8 student


Christa Cloete

Year 7/8 Coordinator