Parents and Friends

Victorian Parent Council Workshop/Seminar

The VPC would like to invite you to an exclusive opportunity to meet and work with international parent engagement expert Professor Debbie Pushor in a personal workshop setting. This opportunity has strictly limited places (max. 30 attendees).


Debbie will be joined by some of our Australian parent engagement practitioners and additional speakers and panellists: Jacqui Van de Velde (Education Consultant), Caz Bosch (Chair, Parents Australia Inc.), Catherine Meynell-James (Stakeholder Manager, Department of Education & Training), Aynur Simsirel (Principal Advisor, Independent Schools Victoria) and Rachel Saliba (Executive Officer, Catholic School Parents Victoria).


This “one-day parent community engagement experience” is an opportunity not to be missed.


For more information click here.

NOTE: All attendees need to bring a current ‘Working with Children Check” and show this on arrival at registration, as the event is held during school hours at the Brighton Grammar School premises.

Entertainment Books

The 2018/19 Entertainment Books are now available for purchase from the school office.  The books are crammed with great value and a portion of each sale goes to the PFA. You can also purchase a digital membership here 

School banking

School banking takes place on each Tuesday of the School Term.

2nd Hand Uniform Shop

The 2nd Hand Uniform shop will open from 8:30am - 9:30am each Wednesday during the Term.


The 2nd Hand Uniform Shop is located in Rembrandts. 

Icy Pole Friday

Every Friday lunchtime.


We are looking for parent volunteers for 2018 who can commit to assisting in Term 4. Please contact Andrew Musgrove via


Andrew O’Brien

PFA President

Parent Participation Hours

To support various school events and activities during the year we strongly encourage families to volunteer their time.


Notices will be sent out for activities you can help with, such as school carnivals, covering library books, ice pole Fridays, 2nd Hand Uniform Shop, PFA events, classroom help and working bees. 


Parents are required to record the hours they have completed in the Parent Hours Book which is kept in the College office. You will be charged a Parent Participation fee of $250 at the commencement of each year and will be credited at the end of the semester for any work done. You will be credited at a rate of $25 per hour of work completed, up to a maximum of $250 for the year. The time requirement for each family is ten hours per year.

Term 3 2018 PFA Events

  • Friday 31st August - Fathers' Day Stall
  • Friday 21st September - Fun Run - Period 5 and 6 end of day
  • Entertainment Books Fundraiser

2018 PFA Executive Committee

President:                     Andrew O’Brien

Vice President:            Sally Wade

Secretary:                      Lesley Goh

Treasurer:                     Jean Lee

Assistant Treasurer:   Eric Chen