Message from the Principal 

James Penson 


How good was last Friday’s Parent Association End of Term BBQ!! It was just a wonderful feeling having parents, carers and friends on-site enjoying the atmosphere and conversation. Building our sense of community and connection is what our PA is all about and after the last couple of years, it is GREAT being able to do this sort of thing again.


A big thankyou to Emma Wilkes for co-ordinating the event and thank you to everyone who helped. 

We can look forward to many more events that build our Greenhills community over the course of this year….and the next one is our Colour Run which is all set for May 13th. Stay tuned for this exciting event which is also a great fundraiser for our school too.




I really like these before and after photos and I think they make a strong case for just how successful our Ride To School Day was last week. In fact, the event was so good we will be looking at ways to build this into something we do more often at Greenhills, with our Sustainability & Environment Sub-Committee looking to organise one of these days each term. 





Well done to all the students that got active on the way to school on the day and a big shout out to all of those students who do this everyday!




Over the last few weeks, we have been sharing more detail about our Student Agency Model via our newsletter and of course our Facebook page. For many years our school has been using an Instructional Model. This is a process that our staff use in their teaching each day to ensure our teaching is both high quality and high impact. The model also ensures consistency and structure across the whole school. 


Our Student Agency Model will achieve a similar result. It will enable our students to develop a deeper understanding of the learning traits that we have identified as being required to become a successful lifelong learner. This means being able to set and achieve goals and reach our full potential. The model will be used to support our students to learn how to be curious, creative and open to challenge. 


We have launched the first of five sections of the model, starting with Grit. In learning, Grit is about showing passion, perseverance and persistence. It is about having courage to take on challenges and to follow through with things. Showing girt enables us to focus on a goal and work hard to achieve it through practice, practice, practice and getting a bit better each day.




























The traits evolve and grow from below surface level (submarine) on land or base level (represented by a bus symbol) through to sky (represented by a balloon) and onto space (represented by the rocket). In this way, our students can see and explore how each trait develops in stages and can therefore be built and developed.




What a great event at our House Athletics Carnival on Monday. Well done to all of the students who participated so actively and energetically. I have had feedback (including from people outside of our school community e.g. the bus drivers and venue management) that the event was an awesome reflection of our school and that the students were amazing in their effort, involvement, energy and attitude. I hear the work grit was also a feature of the day! 


Of course the biggest thank you and congratulations goes to Jordan Daley. The quality, structure and organisation of this event highlights how lucky we are to have such an outstanding PE teacher. Thank you to our staff team who always get so involved, active and organised on the day and a huge thank you to our Parent Helper Army as without you the day would not be able to be run at all!


We will present our House shield at our end of term assembly next Friday. Good luck to all those students who will be selected into our Athletics team to represent our school at the District Athletics later in Term 3.