Last week I spoke to our Year 12 students in a Community Meeting about the VTAC SEAS application process and how they should be preparing for their tertiary applications later in the year. As only two-thirds of the class were present for this, I think it is important for parents to understand the process as well, so they can assist their students in the busy times ahead. SEAS is available for all Year 12 students: VCAL, VCE and non-scored.

Just briefly, the SEAS process allows for ATARs (or other selection methods) to be adjusted to account for any educational disadvantage to the student over the course of their education. There are four categories:

  1. Personal Information and Location - includes first in family to attend university, indigenous or non-English speaking background, gender and more.
  2. Disadvantaged Financial Background – Centrelink, HCC or Family Tax Benefit.
  3. Disability or Medical Condition – Learning needs, mental and physical health issues. 
  4. Difficult Circumstances – Anything that beyond the applicant’s control, and not already covered by a previous category. This will include the effects of remote learning in 2020-21.

Categories 3 and 4 require students to write an Impact Statement and, in addition, to have someone who knows the situation (not family) write a Statement of Support.

The most important point I made to the students present was that, even though the application is not made until August/September, they need to be preparing in the following ways:

  • Find documents needed for evidence – Centrelink or tax records
  • Keep records of any appointments, absences, time lost etc
  • Start thinking about the impacts of the various issues on their education
  • Most importantly – seek help or share their situation with someone who is qualified to write the statement of support: Medical professional, school counsellor, teacher, social worker etc. They need to have had ongoing discussions with this person – no surprises!

I understand that students and parents might find this all very confusing, but there is no need to panic. There will be more information sessions for students throughout Term 3. VTAC applications will be done in class in August, and students are able to have as many Careers Meetings as they need.

For parents, I intend to hold an Information Evening in May, to explain all the ins and outs of VTAC applications and offers, SEAS and scholarships. An invitation will be emailed closer to the time.


In the meantime, you can make yourself familiar with all things VTAC at: 


Careers Counsellor | Mandy Ellwood