2022 Dux Presentation to Clementine Monet

Clementine graduated in 2022, with an ATAR of 96.3. From Yr 7 Clem demonstrated commitment to all aspects of school life. She had six years of exemplary academic achievement - not just in the results she achieved but importantly, in the example she set for others. Her diligence and her commitment to always achieving her best shaped her final academic success. 


Clementine’s academic achievements were recognised each year at Awards Night. In Year 12 Clementine received 1st place in Chemistry, English Advanced, PDHPE and Studies of Religion 1. She also received an award for Excellence in Spanish from Camden Haven Distance Education.


In addition to her academic efforts,  Clem received the 2022 ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award. She was an excellent House Leader and accomplished sportswoman. She was involved in the Environmental Council , St Vincent de Paul and in the College band. When Mr Whelan urges everyone at McCarthy to ‘show some character’ - we would do well to remember the example of connection to school that was 2022 Dux - Clementine Monet.


Sally Sparke 

Assistant Principal - Curriculum

Good morning Mr Whelan, Mr Larkin, Mrs Sparke, staff and students, I feel truly privileged to be here to accept the Dux award and I would like to thank the College for making this possible. I honestly really didn’t know how to approach the HSC when I started in senior years. The only thing I really knew was what training and competing in swimming had taught me: hard work, perseverance and resilience. I was a very goal-oriented person however, after failing to qualify for Nationals in swimming in Year 11- a goal I felt I’d worked towards for years, I was burnt out and felt incapable of setting any more goals for myself, whether it was in sport or at school. One of the things this experience taught me though is that trying your best, regardless if you succeed or not, is worth it. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself and connecting with others throughout the journey teaches you so much and prepares you for life after high school, whether that be uni, a job, a gap year or something else. 


I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do after high school but after securing an early entry at Macquarie Uni, a lot of pressure was taken off my HSC results. My main motivation for working hard in Year 12 then became my desire to embrace the things I could control; that is, my preparation for the exams. The decision to actually ‘try’ in the HSC did not mean I succeeded in everything I did though (like I thought it would). In Chemistry, I came to Mrs George every second Wednesday with failed multiple choice quizzes of past exams, sometimes having failed the same one as the week before. In English, I couldn’t write full essays under timed conditions until days before the HSC, and in Maths, I was always disappointed with the mark I got in Mr Dean’s practice exams. Although I couldn’t see it at the time, it was getting back up and trying again after these moments that built my perseverance, and that ultimately gave me the confidence today to keep believing in myself after I feel that I’ve failed something.


Mind you, balance was important. While I tried to maintain a consistent study routine in the afternoons after school and on weekends and continued to do swimming training every morning throughout Year 12 and the exams, I also passed over 100 levels of this stupid game called Project Makeover, met upwith friends on the weekend and got involved in Vinnies and the Environmental Council at school (which ended up being very important for early entry and I highly encourage everyone to get involved). 


Finally and most importantly, I would like to thank my teachers, my family and my friends without whom I would not be receiving this award today. To all of my teachers from Year 7-12, thank you for your belief in me, your encouragement, and for nurturing my curiosity and love of learning. Thank you especially to all of my teachers in Year 11 and 12 Mrs Jones, Mr Dean, Mrs Sparke, Mrs Mulholland, Mrs Martin, Mrs Bearup and Mrs Carr. Your support, dedication and feedback were invaluable. 


To my family, thank you for putting up with all of my complaining, frustration and stress, and for encouraging me in your own unique ways. Mum and Dad for your unwavering love and guidance and my siblings for your orders to stop crying and sarcastic reminders that the world would indeed end if I got a badmark you kept me down-to-earth and always gave me the perspective I didn’t know I needed. 


To my friends, thanks for your advice, motivational pep talks and encouragement  you were there throughout all the ups and downs and you made my senior years ones to remember and for that, I am very grateful. Essentially, although the ATAR might be important for what you want to do, the most important asset you can gain from your time at McCarthy are the friendships you build as well as the life long skills, values and ethics you develop along the way. I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do! 


Thank you.


Clementine Monet

2022 Dux