Student Wellbeing News

Respectful Relationships

Last term, the students across all Learning Communities covered a wide range of areas and topics using resources and activities from the Respectful Relationships curriculum, the Friendly Schools Plus program and the Berry Street Institute. We have lots to get through this term so here is a brief rundown of some of the topics we will be exploring:


Year Prep - Feelings and emotions, social problem-solving, friendly and unfriendly behaviour

Year 1/2 - Managing strong emotions, seeking help

Year 3/4 - Working together, asking for help 

Year 5/6 - Seeking help, gender and identity, bullying

Update from the Year 5/6 Community

To begin this term, the students in the Year 5/6 Community are going to be learning about help-seeking. In this unit, the students will explore various times in their life where they can:

a) solve the problem on their own

b) require and seek the help of a peer

c) require and seek the help from an adult

In this week's lesson, the students were given a range of scenarios and, in a small group, decided which of the three categories above the scenario fell into.