Education in Faith

Prayer for Today

Lord our God, 

We thank you for being among us as our Father, for letting us be your children on earth. We thank you that as your children we can find life in spirit and in truth.

Grant that each of us may find how our lives on earth can be lifted up by your Spirit.

Your Spirit can bring us what we do not possess, so that our daily work, all our striving and struggling for the outward things of life, may be pervaded by what is higher and greater.

Your Spirit can keep us from falling into base and petty ways, from getting lost in earthly experiences which do not last, no matter how much they demand our attention.

We thank you for all you have done for your children.

Continue to help us, that we may serve you every day in gladness and gratitude.


Stewardship of Creation

One of the Catholic Social Teachings we endeavour to uphold at Corpus Christi is Stewardship of Creation.


As mentioned on the Principal's Desk page we have a Wrapper Free policy which is an action we take to look after God's creation.


How do I show respect for Creation? The earth and all life on it are part of God’s creation. We are called to respect this gift. We are responsible for taking care of the world we live in and for sharing all the wonders and resources the earth gives us. 


Our changing environment prompts us to stop and think about how we live on our planet. We are called to respond and to adopt new ways of living as Pope Francis highlights in his encyclical, Laudato Si': On the Care of our Common Home. We aim to be attentive to environmental concerns and seek to promote care for the earth and its resources.


So we encourage everyone to be mindful of taking action to help reduce the amount of rubbish we generate here at Corpus Christi School.