Live Love Learn

Dear Families,

Last Tuesday the staff listened to Kasey Edwards and Chris Scanlon talk about '7 pillars' from their book: Raising Girls Who Like Themselves.

The staff were genuinely enthralled about the 7 pillars that can also be applied to boys. Much of the discussion was how to develop confidence, independence, resilience and embracing failure. Allowing your children to fail and to learn from the experience is a critical part of life. Without this, children will grow into adults 'dropping their bundle' whenever anything goes wrong in life...and things will go wrong. We learn by making mistakes. Learning from mistakes takes plenty of practice and parents can model this behaviour with their children. 

How do you help your children when they are upset after making a mistake? You can try by asking them what they did right. Then you can ask them what they have learnt and celebrate that awareness. Chris and Kasey say that perspective changes your outlook. Instead of focusing on what went wrong, focus on how it can be done better next time. Developing this skill will help prepare your children for challenging times ahead in their teenage years and beyond. I recommend you buy the book.


Last Friday approximately 50 students entered the Dendy district Cross Country competition. Congratulations to all runners and those who qualified for the Beachside competition - Millie (Yr. 6), Zach U (Yr. 4) and Oliver G (Yr. 6).


The Social Justice Leaders from Years 4-6 and School Captains will be attending the Bicentenary of Catholic Education National Mass on Monday 24th May 2021.

This Mass is part of the celebrations of 200 years of Catholic Education in Australia. 

Lost Property / Name Check

Once again, it would be great if everyone could check the name on the jumper/jacket that their child has at home. Many lost jumpers and jackets in lost property don't belong to the people who have been looking for their lost item for a week or more. Anything you find that doesn't belong to your child can be brought to the office.




This week we have had multiple classes with 6 or more students arrive to class late at different times. Latecomers entering gradually causes a huge disruption to other students as teachers have begun instructions and teaching for the day. 

School starts at 8.50am so please allow time for parking, traffic or putting bikes away to ensure your child arrives to school before 8.50 so they and the class as a whole have time to settle in.



By sharing ideas and thoughts with others, which is called feedback, both you and they will learn other ways to think about and look at things. When listening, try hard to do just that, listen. Often you fall into the trap of thinking about your own ideas, rather than what is being said. Giving and receiving feedback is a great way to practise showing empathy because listening shows you value what others are saying. 


School Fees

A reminder to any family paying monthly or tri-annually, the next payment is due by May 25.

Thankyou to families for their prompt payment of fees. Since the implementation of a new policy late last year we have seen a higher percentage of school fees being paid on time.

1J Take a Trip

On Wednesday the 19th of May, 1J took a trip to Uluru as the classroom transformed into a Big Airbus A380 with allocated seating and inflight safety demonstrations, led by a friendly hostess known as Miss Jones. 

The Year Ones are learning about the importance of the land and creation to Indigenous Australians and why it is so special. We had a Birdseye view of Uluru and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) in the Northern Territory and landed just in time to hear a picture storybook called “Welcome to Country” at the make-believe museum. 

We boarded the plane and took our seats and had an aerial shot of Melbourne and saw key features including farms, city skyscrapers and the beach. 

We were able to appreciate the beauty and sacredness of the Australian landscape and consider why it was so special to all of us and how we must take care of it.


Premier's Reading Challenge

This year 69 students have registered for the Premiers’ Reading Challenge and so far 304 books have been read. 

How many books can we complete by 17th September? Keep up the wonderful work! 


Here are some book reviews written by the students taking part in the challenge. 


Well done to Aaron, Ivy, Ian, Nkem and Violet and for writing and sharing their book reviews. 

Give me some Space!

On Wednesday students came to listen to the book Give me some Space! read by astronauts from the International Space Station.


Winter Warmers - You're Invited!

We would like to welcome our parents onsite, giving an opportunity for families and our community to reconnect.


As such we are inviting Year Levels after Open Classrooms on Friday in Week 7 and then Thursdays and Fridays from Week 8 for a Winter Warmer, tea, coffee and bickies in the staff room from 8.50am - 9.30am.


The dates are as follows;

Week 7; Friday 4th June: Prep Families

Week 8; Thursday 10th June: Year One Families

Week 8; Friday 11th June: Year Two Families

Week 9; Thursday 17th June: Year Three Families

Week 9; Friday 18th June: Year Four Families

Week 10; Thursday 24th June: Year Five Families

Week 10; Friday 25th June: Year Six Families

We would love to see you there!

D.I.S.C.O. Time!!!

Our Galilee Disco is fast approaching! This is a great opportunity for our kids to get together and have a boogie!


Date: Friday 4th June

Location: Parish Hall

Prep - 2 Disco: 5pm - 6pm

Year 3- 6 Disco: 6.30pm - 7.45pm

Cost: $5


Please book via:


Please note;

  • There are no tickets available at the door.
  • All sales are final and there are no refunds.
  • Parents are not required to be at the disco and will just drop and pick up.
  • BYO labelled drink bottle

Craft Club

In Craft Club we designed cactus drawings. We will complete them over two sessions.


Italian Day

Italian Day is next week, Wednesday 26th May.


The children will be able to dress up in the Italian colours or anything they love that represents Italy. 

Get your costumes ready for a day of fun. Divertiamoci!

Seeds and Sprouts

Seeds and Sprouts starts tomorrow. We are excited to welcome two groups of 16 Sprouts to our community. I look forward to sharing our learning experiences.


Scripture of the Week


Sacramental Dates 2021


StsPP - Sunday, 6 June 2:00pm

OLMC - Wednesday, 2 June 7:00pm


A Prayer for our Eucharist Candidates

"As you prepare for your First Eucharist we pray for you. May your First Communion celebrate your friendship with Jesus.

As you grow in this friendship may your words be gentle and your touch be kind.

May you hear whispers of Love in your heart each day.

May you have fun in discovering God hidden everywhere!

And, may you remember to thank God often for the gift of life."



StsPP- Thursday 19 August 7.00pm

OLMC - Wednesday 18 August 7.00pm


Galilee in 60 seconds

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