Principal's Report

End of Term 

Dear Parents,


As we approach the end of another school term we can reflect on some enriching, memorable and successful undertakings that have taken place at Infant Jesus School during the term. We have many very committed and enthusiastic people (including staff, parents and children) who give their own time and talents to create a positive atmosphere at this school. The 'Power of One' Christian Witness initiative is an example of this at our School.


Congratulations to all the students for their efforts over the term. I am sure that the students who have worked hard, paid attention in class and gave of their best have achieved the results deserved.


All parents received their child’s/children’s report this week. It is important, as parents are undoubtedly aware, to take the time to discuss the report with their child.  Teachers’ comments are important and should be used as ‘indicators’ in areas which a child may work towards improving.  I encourage parents to arrange interviews with class teachers if there is some area of concern, so as to develop a collaborative approach towards assisting the child with their schooling.


We congratulate and thank the staff for their commitment and efforts this term. It has been extremely busy with the numerous events planned within the school - most importantly the preparation and participation of the students in the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Next term our attention turns to the Sacrament of Eucharist for our Year 4 children.


Last week, in the midst of some trying weather conditions, our Year 6 students participated in the Interschool Lightning Carnival. I am most grateful to Mr Sheridan, Mr Colangelo and Mrs White as well as the parents who assisted with the various teams. I  especially recognise and thank the parent helpers who coached a team; Mr King, Mrs Panicciari, Mr Pinneri, Mrs Rivera, Mrs Sciullo, Mrs Sim and Mr Sparks; and all the other parents who came and supported in some way at these events.


Lastly, I hope all members of our community, particularly our students and staff, have a very enjoyable, relaxing and refreshing two-week break.


Stay safe and I look forward to seeing everyone after the holidays.


School resumes for students on Tuesday 18th  July.


Some ideas . . .

Spending Quality Time with your Child ~ Holidays

  • Talk with and to your child - promote and encourage conversation... try to find out as much as you can about your child’s day.  Finding out even small things gives you a common experience to discuss.
  • Find out what is happening at school ...e.g. the current  topic/theme  special event.
  • Make the best use of time… play word games, have discussions in the car on the way to holiday activities,  holiday destinations, sporting events etc.
  • To make the best use of the holiday time - leave household chores until later if possible!
  • Have an organised / expected time of the day / evening to share the experiences of the day, stories etc...
  • Use the holidays to ‘catch-up’ on literacy activities—e.g. visit or join the local library, visit the museum.
  • If your job involves literacy in any way, try to make this a part of your child’s experience, e.g. visiting mum/dad’s workplace, watching mum/dad with the work that they bring home
  • Involve children in everyday literacy activities, e.g. reading a recipe, instructions, labels on food items, menus, TV guides, the newspaper, making a shopping list, doing the shopping, writing a letter, sending a birthday card.

 Catholic School Funding

Please find attached a copy of a letter from Dr Tim McDonald, Executive Director, Catholic Education Office in regards to the Federal education funding reform policy.


Best Wishes

We take this opportunity to wish Mr Frank Colangelo all the best for his well-deserved long service leave break commencing the beginning of Term 3. We hope Mr Colangelo has a wonderful time away from the ‘busyness’ of school life and is able to spend some time relaxing with his family.


We also wish to announce that Mrs Fiona Cole (Italian Teacher) will be leaving us at the end of the term. We take this opportunity to thank Mrs Cole  for her services over the last 18 months, to the Infant Jesus School community.  We wish Mrs Cole all the  best for the future and thank her for her efforts. 


We welcome to the Infant Jesus School community Mrs Christine Padua who will be teaching the Year 1 class from the beginning of Term Three (replacing Mrs Tara Johnston).


Mrs Padua has been working at Infant Jesus School this term in the Pre-Primary class, and for the past week, she has been working alongside Mrs Clementson in Year 1W.  This time has enabled Mrs Padua gain a better understanding of each of the children in the class, as well as become familiar with the school program, class routines and expectations.


I am sure you will join with me in welcoming Mrs Padua to the Infant Jesus School community. 

25 Year Anniversary - Infant Jesus Church

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the new Infant Jesus Church. Fr Sunny and the assistant priests, along with the Parish Council and the various active committees within the church are planning for a big celebration to recognise the occasion. Three bishops, including Archbishop Costelloe will be attending the Masses over the weekend of  26 & 27 August.  


As you know, Saturday 19 August is an Infant Jesus School Family Mass. There will be a number of opportunities for our community to be involved, particularly as Friday 25 August is IJ Day!




Further information will be shared with the community closer to the event, but at this stage please mark the days in your calendar.

Prayer for the Week

We hope that everyone will have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable break, spending time with their families and friends.


Lord, bless each member of our families.    

As we begin our holidays, watch over us and

protect us.

Grant us your wisdom,

 your grace

and the strength to live lives of goodness.

Help us to honour each other with words of

respect, forgiveness and love.

To listen with the heart as well as the head.    

To give and not count the cost.

To be patient and persevering when all seems lost.

Bless my family, Lord, each one of us this day.    

Bless and protect us.



Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-Kindy (Three-Year-Old) Applications

Three-Year-Old Kindergarten at Infant Jesus School is an educational program for pre-kindergarten children.  The program at the school is very much play-based and helps the children develop independence and creativity by offering interesting and fun activities, that are developmentally appropriate, in a semi-structured form.  The program follows a routine similar to Kindergarten where the children are in the care of a teacher and a teacher assistant for the education of the session, but parent help is encouraged.


Who May Attend the Program?

The 2018 program is offered to children who would have turned THREE by 30 June 2018 and plan to continue attending Infant Jesus School in 2018 and beyond.  Regulations prevent us from taking children until they have turned three years of age.  Please note that enrolment at the Infant Jesus School Three-Year-Old program does not guarantee a place in the Four Year Old Kindergarten Program.  Interviews will be conducted for both places.


Interested parents are asked to contact Mrs Cheryl Macpherson at the school office for enrolment forms for 2018 Three Year Old program.

Term Three Important Dates

Monday 17 July   Student Free Day

  • Staff Professional Development Day

Tuesday 18 July  

  • Students Commences Term 3

Saturday 22 July

  • First Eucharist Enrolment Mass

Sunday 23 July

  • First Eucharist Enrolment Mass

Monday 31 July

  • School Photos

Tuesday 1 August

  • School Photos

Did you Know

  • The average child recognises over 200 company logos by the time they enter first grade.
  • Tasmania is said to have the cleanest air in the world.
  • In an average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator

Thought for the Week

We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present.


Have a Great Holiday!


God Bless,


Paul Hille