Student of the Week Awards

Student of the Week Awards Term 3 Week 2

F TartagliaSam Hansford
F LagozzinoBlake Dohnt
Yr. 1/2 Borzillo/PetrieLottie Sullivan
Yr. 1/2 O'SullivanMilo Reid
Yr. 1/2 NilbettAmelie Richardson
Yr. 3/4 CorboMac Laidlaw & Natalie Mallon
Yr. 3/4 ReidFletcher Gregory
Yr. 3/4 BrownSamuel Alampi & Olivia LoPiccolo
Yr. 3/4 DundonSebastian Tedesco, Tristian D'Agastino-Doig & Addisyn Deane
Yr. 5/6 CassettaKallen Organ
Yr. 5/6 CimeraBianca LoPiccolo
Yr. 5/6 BasileHugh Murdoch & Ingrid Spedding

Principal's Award Term 3 Week 2

Congratulations to Anabella Cricelli on receiving the Principal’s Award Week 2. Anabella is a kind and considerate student who tries her best in all that she does. She is consistently finding ways to challenge herself with her learning and will happily receive feedback for ways in which she can improve. When Anabella has been faced with challenges, she has shown resilience and found ways to ensure that she can complete her tasks to the best of her ability. 

Anabella is a caring friend to others and will ensure that those around her feel included and cared for. She regularly demonstrates our school PBIS values, especially that of always 'being her best'. 

No Assembly Term 3 Week 3