Hot Lunch & Lunch Orders

Pie Warmer

Hot lunches are on a Tuesday. This is very popular and we ask if you can please ensure your child's name and grade is listed clearly to assist sorting at lunchtime. Class labels are below:


1/2W (Mrs Watt)

1/2A (Mr Argus)

3/4T (Mr Tarrant)

3/4WB (Mrs Wilkinson & Mrs Bathman)

5/6M (Ms Maskell)

5/6KP (Mrs Kimmorley & Ms Pirie)

Lunch Orders

Lunch orders from The Junction are available each Friday. Orders are due to the classroom Thursday morning. Student name, class and order are to be written clearly on a brown paper bag with cash placed inside. The current menu is below.



Salad roll $5 Add chicken, ham, or salami $1

Warm chicken wrap $6

Quiche $3.5

Toasted Sandwich $4 (chicken or ham)

Fresh Fruit cups with greek yogurt $3

mac and cheese $6

Spag bol $5

Homemade pie $4

Baked potato $5 (sour cream, cheese, and bacon)

Beef Burrito $6