Rebecca Durran

Middle Sub-School Manager

Year 10 Leadership camp

The Leadership Camp was a really incredible experience that I’m really glad I had the opportunity to do. On Monday, 24 February, myself and 15 other students boarded a train and headed up to Lake Eildon for a five day leadership extension camp. We had the challenge to sea kayak from a starting point to an ending point about 35 kms away.


Each day we would pack up our camp into our kayaks and paddle to the next campsite for the night. We also had a set of leaders everyday to make decisions for the group and call the shots, but this experience taught me the designated leader isn’t always the only leader, but everyone involved can show leadership in different ways.


This camp also really tested our resilience and our ability to get back up and keep going after something might not have gone to plan. It was a new experience for me that I’m really glad I took the chance to do, as I gained new leadership skills, some new camping skills, as well as some new friends all while having a really good time.


Lauren Walder 10C


Year 10 EIS Camp

First of all we got on the bus which was amazing. That was the beginning of connecting with everyone, we had music playing and  we watched some movies. We had a food stop at one point where we found a tennis ball so we mucked around a bit until we had to get back on the road.


When we arrived at camp we were greeted by some amazing people. Andy and Bruce were the first people we got to know and they gave us a brief tour of where everything was. Then, shortly after having time to relax before dinner, Adam raced Roan down the stairs and hit his head, so throughout the camp we were all very cautious of the stairs. 


That night we had dinner and hung out and the next few days we had opportunities to go mountain bike riding, caving and abseiling and on a high ropes course. In every activity we had the opportunity to develop our skills, leadership, to challenge ourselves and show support to get each other to get through the hardships of the camp. Some people had more trouble at mountain biking than others, some felt claustrophobic in the caves but the worry soon went away when everyone felt comfortable and safe around each other. We never got forced to do any activity but were always encouraged to have a go and everyone felt supported.


I believe that everyone has grown a stronger bond with each other. Before this camp I would have very rarely seen any football player talking to the soccer players because there was a tension between both sports, but now I feel like it brought everyone closer together. I would definitely recommend it to future EIS students.


Kai Purton 10B

Year 9 Morrisby Assessment

This week all Year 9 classes have had their preparation sessions for the Morrisby Assessment coming up in Week 8. The Morrisby Assessment is a Department initiative that allows students to discover their strengths and shapes the subject and careers conversations that are held later in the year. If you would like more information about the Morrisby Assessment speak with your student or alternatively you can call the careers team at North Geelong Secondary College.

Progress reports

The first round of progress reports were released during Week 5 of the term. These reports can be used as a tool to promote positive learning behaviours and habits. Students should discuss their performance average with their teachers and parents to see what changes they can make to improve throughout the term. I would like to congratulate the following Year 9 and 10 students on receiving a performance average of 4 on the first round of progress reports. The students are Emily Heitmann, Tanveer Singh, Jorjah Brown, Abby D’Andria, Aimee Wookey and Jason Japundzic.