Written by the year 5 Newsletter Team.

Kidpreneur is a program where students at Albanvale Primary School have an opportunity to start businesses. Students plan a product or service, determine costs and then use any money recieved from customers to dontate to a charity. We have spent quite a bit of time as teams to develop our products and now, we have to advertise our product to  students, parents, and the whole Albanvale community! 


Each year, our teachers and students converge and brainstorm a theme for the grade 5’s and this year it is breakfast. The school will not be gaining any profit from the sales, but instead donate the money straight to Food Bank.  This is a company that has been supplying our students with delicious breakfast and food items for years. 


If you are intrigued and would like to buy one of the products crafted by our grade 5s, the venue and date for the Kidpreneur market is the 16th of December at our school athletics sports track.


Some of the items include:

  • Coasters for holding your cups.
  • Vases to hold plants and flowers.
  • Jars to store food
  • Food containers to hold salt and pepper
  • We have recipe books to cook different recipes for breakfast 
  • Canvases with paintings of amazing breakfast foods which can be placed around your house
  • Painted and detailed wooden spoons to use while you are cooking
  • Plants to put around your house for decoration
  • Herbs and seeds to grow plants
  • Painted pegs with breakfast foods to hang up your laundry
  • Decorated delightful plates to enjoy your food on 
  • Food keychains to hold your keys
  • Candles to make your room smell nice