Afrobeat are coming

Written by Anna and Alan on the 06/12/2023

We would like to inform all parents from Albanvale Primary School that Afrobeats (an African music team) will be coming to our school to help us learn more about African culture, and also to play the African drums to the 3-5’s and teachers. 


Afrobeats is a Nigerian music genre that involves the coalescence of West African musical styles (such as traditional Yoruba music) and American Funk, jazz and soul influences. 

Afrobeats will be providing the school with many varieties of drums making everyone gets to have a turn playing with the drums while additionally relishing the African culture in music in school while authentically endeavouring it out as well. 


We hope that every student in grade 3 to 6 participate in this one in a kind collaboration with African drumming.