Class Updates

Year 5/6 GO SURF

By Sienna, Isabella and Mia 5/6D

Big waves crashed into our face as we fell off the surfboards, nose diving into water. 

Catching our first wave, we felt exhilarated. We didn't notice the coldness of the water due to the thickness of the rubber covering our bodies. Some still shivered. What a day it has been with the 'Go Surf' team!!

Lions Club Eye-sight testing

Recently several Lions Club members completed sight testing on selected students. The testing covered visual accuracy, colour vision, depth perception and the spot screener covered myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, anisometropia, binocular vision and anisocoria. Thank you to, John and Sue Amos, Sue Rooney, Annette McGrath, Lawrie and Heather Timson, Bev Quinn, Jenny O’Keefe and Maureen Noonan for taking the time to come in to conduct the testing. Parents should have received a letter providing the results of the tests. Testing picked up a few students who have been recommended for further assessment. If you have concerns about your child’s sight and they were not tested at school, please follow up with an optometrist appointment.

EAL Students socialisation activities

EAL students were able to invite their friends to participate in activities this week.

Some EAL students even developed their own activities to entertain themselves and their friends. We can see some future program coordinators from the sessions this week. 

Year Prep and 5/6 Buddy Program

Throughout the year our Prep students have had a 5/6 buddy. This week 5/6B and Prep B celebrated their last session by decorating cookies. Thank you for being such wonderful role models Year 5/6's and for making friends with the Prep students.

Year 2A Christmas Crafts

Billy Tea Bush Dance

On Thursday we were fortunate to have Michael from The Billy Tea Bush Band. As you can see all the students had a wonderful time.