Student Awards

This is the last week Positive People and Specialist Awards will be awarded. Congratulations to all students who have won this week and throughout the year!

Awards will be presented at assembly today.


Positive People Awards

Prep AIsabelle Sutcliffe-Bentley
Prep BAbigail Stevenson
Prep COliver Nichols
1ABronik Fenwick, Victor Keane and Annika Marshall
1BKayden Bethel and Tarell Chatfield
2AKayden Parore
2BMaddison Dewitte
2CMontana Redmond
3/4AStarla Lilley
3/4BEli Doukas
3/4CMatthew Stagoll and Tayah Delany-Brown
3/4DKasey Dalton

Quinn Hussey, Nico Savage, Parmin Safari, Angel Ngawaka, 

Sam Barling, Raymond Parnell, Clancey Greene, Spencer Bedson

and Nimrat Sandhu

5/6AAngus Sinclair and Malakye Toka
5/6BSarah Martini and Piyaphat Yingdech
5/6CHarrison Sheppard
5/6DSienna McDougall
5/6ELily Delany

Specialist Awards

PE2C Luca Grey
PE2C Aiden Auletta
LOTE5/6D Mia Bonnett
LOTE5/6D Sienna McDougall
LOTE5/6D Isabella Newell
LOTE5/6D Gretta Wake
ART5/6D Bailey Bell
ART5/6C Kayli Broadley