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Moni at home of the football field.

Hamish Blake at MITS

One afternoon last term Hamish came to visit the MITS Cl;assroom and talk to us about how to write a script for television.  Hamish writes scripts for TV shows and True Story is the show he spoke to us about.


We watched one of his videos which was really funny and was the first interview. He told us about how he then had to spend two months writing the script from that interview so they could film for the show. We then watched the show when it was finished. It was really funny.


Hamish also explained how he travelled around the world with his friend Andy coming up with ideas for TV. There was one very funny video he made where he had ants all over his arm. He hates ants and was screeching and screaming to get the ants off his arm. This was very funny but he looked like he was in a lot of pain.


He told us that once he has written a story he needs to spend lots of time editing to get it right. Ms. Sally has been saying the same thing about our writing. Hamish has a new TV show coming out soon. It was great to see him at the Gala Dinner.

Marcia Malibirr


Forest Hill College Visit

On Thursday 31stOctober Clifton, Kurt and and myself went to visit our school for next year.  Jack Williams drove us to Forest Hill College. We were a bit nervous and Jack walked us to the office to meet David Rogers the Principal.


We waited for David at the office. David came to meet us and took us for a tour around the school.  The school looked awesome and everyone was friendly.  David then took us across the Basketball Stadium where Forest Hill have their Sport Academy.  Cliffton stayed with the Basketball Coach and trained with the students. Kurt and I went back to school and we trained with the AFL group.  It was heaps of fun.  


Jack picked us up at the end of the day and we went back to Lockington.  All the MITS boys visited their new schools on the same day.

Isaiah Wilfred