MITS Pathways

Alumni: Pathways News October 2019


Football Achievements 

We had quite a few of our Alumni students participate in footy finals and the AFL Indigenous youth Kickstart camp. We would like to especially congratulate both Naomi and Jenae for winning their Football League’s B&F which is a huge effort. Congratulations to both! We are very proud.


Firbank Grammar 


Firbank Grammar had an art competition for students which involved creating a design for reusable coffee cups.  Jenae’s design was one of the winners which is fantastic! Jenae was called up in assembly and was given a couple of gifts as well. 

Jenae has also been asked to design the Vampires logo (local footy team) for next year’s training tops. 


Kingswood Colour Run

Kingswood held a Wellbeing Day with several things happening throughout the day, including staff members sharing their stories about someone in their lives who has struggled with mental health and anxiety issues, and the impact it has had on loved ones.  There was also a ‘belong’ photo shoot which had all the kids and staff in it. To finish off such a great day, Kingswood then had their very own colour run.


Charmaine’s work experience

Charmaine spent a week at DPR & Co for some work experience, thanks to one of our fantastic volunteers Richard Ralphsmith.  Charmaine was lucky enough to be the ‘behind the scenes’ photographer for a photoshoot. 

Below is a pic of Charmaine in action at the photoshoot, and a pic of the beautiful painting she completed at Kingswood.



Brighton Grammar and Firbank program with Victorian Aboriginal Health Services

Thanks to the great work of Nathan Lovett-Murray, Kaleb, Cecil, Calvin, Jodie and Jenae have started the Deadly Choices program delivered by the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (Lionel Austin). This is a 6-week program that focuses on nutrition, wellbeing, fitness, alcohol and other drugs. The program is tailored for Indigenous youth and is available nationally. Great work by all!


Trinity Grammar

Tarkyn and Levi in action at the Athletics!