In the classroom

Latisha creating the opening scene for the Swinburne University Animation Project

On the first Saturday back after the holidays all of the MITS students were involved in an event referred to as Conversation Morning.  This is an event where the students meet the key teachers from their new school and share with them information about themselves, their learning goals, achievements they are proud of and they also share some advice with the schools about how they learn best.  The students produce a presentation to support the conversation.  The students did a fantastic job and presented with a great deal of confidence and it was really evident how much progress they have made this year throughout the morning.


In many ways, the Conversation Morning kick starts a whole range of activities that are focused on making the transition of the students into their Partner Schools as seamless as possible.  Over the coming weeks the students will make regular visits to their partner schools, meeting teachers and students and selecting subjects for next year.  They are all pretty nervous but also excited about the Partner School visits.


In the classroom, we have completed the Swinburne University and Australian Chamber Orchestra Animation Project and it was premiered at the recent Gala Dinner.  The feedback from the guests at the Gala Dinner was incredibly positive and the students got a real buzz out of showing off their work. 


The next few weeks in the MITS classroom are exciting and also busy ones as we continue to prepare them for the 2020 school year.  

Ryan Martin