The Year 7 students have been improving their skills in Computational Thinking by creating a number of algorithms for everyday tasks. Using Google Drawings, the students have been producing flow charts that demonstrate their skills in sequencing, selection and iteration. These tasks have included things that the students probably never think of as being an algorithm such as crossing the road safely and charging their Chromebook but they very quickly learned the importance of getting all the steps in the right order and ensuring that no steps were missed out in order to achieve the end result. 


To practice their skills further, we challenged the students to plan out a manual flowchart on a common task. They were put into groups of 2 or 3 and were given all the steps necessary to complete an algorithm on a variety of topics from Feeding a Dog to Baking a Cake. The students had to work together to arrange the steps in the correct order. It was great to see the students collaborating and problem solving to try and ensure that their completed algorithm achieved its result, preferably in the most efficient way.


Here are some photos from 7N.



Shirley Munro

ICT Teacher