Welcome back to Term 3; we hope all families had a restful and enjoyable break. 


All students attending school onsite (Years 11 and 12; Year 10 undertaking VCE subjects) must get their temperature checked as they enter the school grounds. Before Period 1 commences, temperature checks will be taking place in the Hall, the General Office and at the Draper St gate. All students arriving after the start of the school day must go to the General Office to have their temperature checked. We thank all students for their assistance in this process. 



For all students attending onsite (Years 11 and 12; Year 10 undertaking VCE subjects), full winter uniform must be worn. Jewellery and make-up must not be excessive, and facial piercings are unacceptable (students wearing a facial piercing are not admitted to class, and will be sent home to remove it).  All students must wear traditional leather lace-up shoes which are polished, and the School Blazer must be worn to and from school in Term 3. Students must not be wearing socks that have a brand displayed, while PE uniform must only be worn on a day when students have Sport/PE. We will conduct several uniform checks throughout the term and the Student Managers and Principal Class will be monitoring our students’ uniform before and after school. 


All students in the Senior School are being interviewed by the Student Management Team in the coming weeks to reflect on their progress this year and identify ways to continue to improve. This process was previously known as Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs). In preparation for these interviews, students in Years 10, 11 and 12 have completed a brief questionnaire, which parents can view on Compass. 


To view your child’s responses, log in to Compass, select ‘Student Profile’, select the ‘Insights’ tab and click the relevant cycle (e.g. ‘Mid-Year MIPS Yr 10 2020’).  


Our Chromebook program plays a vital role in delivering an effective and engaging curriculum. With everyone using a standard platform, we can ensure all students have access to specific online tools and updates, as well as effective IT support. These factors are especially important, given our return to online learning for Years 7-10. 


If your child is experiencing any IT issues they need to email If a more detailed conversation is required, our IT team can call them back when possible. We have also installed an extension called ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ into everyone's browser which will allow students to connect to IT support with remote screen sharing should this be needed. Students can also check selfserve for all things tech-related. There are lots of video and guides to help you access and manage our IT platforms effectively.