Our 2021 Timetable for Year 9 and 10 students is designed to provide students with greater opportunity and flexibility, maintaining our focus on Academic rigour and success and enabling students to progress through Advanced Placement.


The Pathway Planning and Subject Selection Process for Year 9 and 10 students has five key steps:

  1. Selecting MESH Options
  2. Selecting remaining Curriculum Options
  3. Applying for Advanced Placement (if required)
  4. Meeting with a Mentor to discuss and finalise Pathway Plan
  5. Submitting preferences online.

The Handbook is designed to guide you through this process.


Students in Years 9 and 10 are required to complete studies that cover the West Australian Curriculum in Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities. In Mathematics, English and Science, different pathways will be recommended based on the student’s performance.


Mathematics Options

Year 9:

  • Mathematics Essentials 09
  • Mathematics Applications 09
  • Mathematics Methods 09
  • Mathematics Specialist 09
  • Year 10 Mathematics Methods (Advanced Placement required)

Year 10:

  • Mathematics Essentials 10
  • Mathematics Applications 10
  • Mathematics Methods 10
  • Mathematics Specialist 10
  • Year 11 Mathematics Methods ATAR (Advanced Placement required)

English Options

Year 9:

  • English Empowerment (for students who require additional support in English)
  • English Engagement (for all other students)
  • Year 10 English (Advanced Placement required)

Year 10:

  • English Empowerment (for students who require additional support in English)
  • English Engagement (for most students)
  • English Enhancement (for students invited to be part of the Extension program)
  • Year 11 Literature ATAR (Advanced Placement required)
  • Year 11 English ATAR (Advanced Placement required)


  • Students will need to select eight possible options to study in 2021. Two options will be studied each semester (these will be selected from your eight options to best suit your personal timetable inclusive of your MESH options).
  • Languages and Specialist Music are year-long courses and are prerequisites for studying ATAR Music and ATAR Language courses

Curriculum options are initially allocated to students using a computerised algorithm, which works within fixed parameters to best meet the options selected by  the entire student population, our staffing profile and facilities constraints.


Whilst we acknowledge that students may have strong preferences for certain option subjects, it is important to note that we are simply unable to guarantee allocation of specific classes. Students are asked to select a number of options (eight) that they are willing to undertake in 2021.  These selections are not ranked in order of preference.  From the eight options selected, we hope to be able to allocate four options of interest to every student.  All Saints’ College offers a broad and engaging curriculum and all students are encouraged to choose a balanced selection of courses that will enable them to both optimise their learning and satisfy their intellectual curiosity.  It is important to note that students often find their most enjoyable learning experiences and fulfilment come from options they had previously not considered, offering breadth and variety to their learning journey.


NOTE: Four of your eight chosen options will form part of your personalised timetable -  there is no way to know when making your choices if they will be studied in Semester 1 or 2. 


This Handbook describes the options that the College may offer to Year 9 and 10 students in 2021, subject to adequate demand.


  • Students in Year 9 can apply for advanced placement in Year 10 MESH courses
  • Students in Year 10 can apply for advanced placement in Year 11 ATAR and VET courses (please see the 2021 VET Handbook for more details)

Please note: students who wish to undertake Year 11 ATAR courses will need to demonstrate: a) that they have completed the curriculum content of the relevant Year 10 course, and b) that they have the capacity to be successful in the advanced placement course.


For Advanced Placement Applications click HERE to download and complete your application. Applications for Advanced Placement will need to be submitted to or handed to Student Services.


Applications will be assessed by the Dean of Teaching and Learning and the relevant Head of Department. A meeting may be required to discuss the application.


  • Year 8 students will meet with their Tutor teacher during Week 9 to discuss their Personal Pathway Plan and submit their preferences for their Year 9 program.
  • Year 9 students will meet with their Head of House during Week 9 to discuss their Personal Pathway Plan and submit their preferences for their Year 10 program.
  • Students will have a meeting with the Curriculum Team to discuss the process of mentoring and selection prior to their mentoring session.


Further details will be emailed to parents and students.