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Nossal’s Indigenous Garden - a meeting place 

 NEST is delighted to announce that starting from next year, we will be working on our Indigenous garden. Here is our proposed design: 



The idea is that this garden will acknowledge Indigenous culture 3 ways: through plants, art and layout. Starting at the archway entrance, people can walk through a path that is bordered by plants and separated by stones. In the centre is a circular platform that is big enough for people to sit on. Surrounding that are coloured rocks/pebbles in various layers. These rocks could potentially be concreted into the ground, so that people can just walk over it to get to the platform. On the left-hand side are warm coloured native plants, and on the right, are darker coloured plants. With the platform being in yellow tones, this represents the Indigenous flag. Opposite the entrance are more native plants, separated by stones. Having a circle in the centre and 4 dotted lines coming from top and bottom resembles this 'meeting place' symbol, which is attached. The final design is yet to be approved by Indigenous elders. We also have plans to paint art on the platform or on the ground surrounding it. 


We are open to public voice from parents, students - anyone who wants to get involved with this project! So if you know anything about indigenous plants (or you would like to sponsor some), Indigenous art, have any knowledge in gardening/landscaping at all, or an Indigenous name suggestion, we would really appreciate your input and assistance. There are  also plans to hold Working Bee days where people can come to school and do some planting, so keep an eye out for that. Doing this will make the garden can be a community effort that everyone can be proud of.  


We hope this garden will be a calming oasis in a busy environment, where people can de-stress and hang out with friends. Get excited! 


For any questions or suggestions regarding the Indigenous garden -  feel free to contact 


Jessica Nguyen 


Rasna Preman


Ms Polin Ooi


Jessica Nguyen & Rasna Preman

2021 NEST Team Leaders