Sporting News 

Staff Vs Students Netball 

On December 8, the Year 9s’ second last day, the teachers competed against the students in the lunchtime ‘Staff vs. Students’ netball game. While many events have either been postponed or cancelled the annual netball game managed to be prepared by two Year 9 Pegasus students, Sai and Tessica, within a few days. It was a relaxing, yet still competitive way for both students and teachers to let off some steam and wrap up the wild and unpredictable year of 2020. 


It was a fast-paced game played over 2 halves of 10 minutes length each, with the ball flying around rapidly making it entertaining for all those who watched. Unfortunately, the teachers did win with a score of 15-3, beating the student team by 12 points. We're glad everyone had fun and we hope you have a great holiday!


Tessica Gomez & Sai Kristam

Year 9