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Hair Donation 

On 9 December, my birthday, I, Khuushi Mongia donated my hair to Sustainable Salons. After about two years of growing out my hair, the day finally came. I chopped off thirty centimetres for it to be made into a wig to provide for people with cancer, alopecia, etc. I must say, the joy I derived from knowing that another person, who  had lost their hair, would feel a little sense of normality and joy in such a tough period of their life, was wonderful. However, I didn’t only do this to bring joy to someone out there. In fact, my grandfather, or as I refer to him, my Nanu, passed away from pancreatic cancer before I was born. I never had the chance to meet him and although I’ve never met him, from the stories I’ve been told, I know he was a kind, loving and fun person, and I could never understand how hard it would’ve been for him and my family to stay strong during this time.


My older cousin was also diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a type of cancer in 2015 but has been cancer-free for over five years now. I was young at the time, when she was diagnosed but, later on, once I was older, I realised how hard it was for my whole family. So, in honour of my Nanu and my cousin, Shreicy, I donated my hair. And I must say, I definitely encourage you doing this if you can. It’s an amazing feeling and it will make someone out there really happy. 


Khuushi Mongia

Year 9



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