School of Thought

Rosemary Saxon Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning 

Starting school at Lockleys North Primary School 

We welcome 71 new children to Reception at Lockleys North Primary School, along with many newly enrolled students across classes in the school.  To support this successful start to the school year, it is important to revisit some sound advice. 


Be reassured that it is a normal stage of development for children to feel anxious when saying goodbye.  It is our role as parents, caregivers and staff to ease these anxious feelings. Some children settle quickly and some children take longer.  Remember transition involves a child’s identity, leaving one setting, and developing a sense of belonging within the new setting.


Be confident 

Your children look to you for how to react and respond accordingly. If you trust the environment and that your child is capable and competent, you are well on the way to a successful start to school. 


Arrive before 8:50 am

Arriving calmly, on time helps with routine. Seeing children follow routine and settle to an activity is reassuring for your child.  Returning from a weekend or holiday may require extra persistence and resilience to be successful. 


Develop a morning routine - have a plan!

Develop a morning routine that is short and simple. Set limits and keep to the plan. All of our new Reception children know the routine for when they arrive and are learning new independence and resilience. 


Always say goodbye

Before your child/ren enters the building always say goodbye with a firm reassurance that you will return at the end of the school day.  Being consistent will help your child become confident with the routine.  Some children require more reassurance and an educator will support the happy goodbye process. 


After saying goodbye, leave quickly 

Hesitating when saying goodbye, waiting by the door or the window will make your child feel that there is something to worry about. Short goodbyes reduce the build up of anxious feelings. Be confident and positive! 


Get someone else to drop off

If you are feeling too emotional or finding it difficult to separate from your child it may be better to have someone else drop off for a while.  If Mums and Dads can share the school drop offs it shows that everyone is comfortable with the environment.


Looking forward to a successful school term of teaching and learning.

If you have any questions regarding a successful start to school, please contact me by email